Romania : Renewable Energy Award 2012

In November 2012, for the first time, “Renewable Energy Award powered by RENEXPO® South-East Europe" presented two categories:
1. The RENEXPO® South-East Europe Renewable Energy Award in the category of Outstanding Personality was awarded to Hermina Albert, Counsellor ISPE,  who reached special achievements in the field of energy efficiency and of the renewable energy.
2. The RENEXPO® South-East Europe Renewable Energy Award in the category of Innovative Technology was awarded to  ERATIC Spain, one of the companies present at the fair stand during this International Trade Fair for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The Jury this year was formed by: Ovidiu Apostol - Managing Director ISPE - Institute for Studies and Power Engineering, Professor Dr. Stefana Jurcoane - Vice-Dean Faculty of Biotechnology University of Agronomical Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Bucharest, Bogdan Popa - President ROSHA - Romanian Small Hydropower Association, Ioan Faur - AREL - Romanian Electrical Asssociation, Timea Szanto - Project Manager RENEXPO® South-East Europe.

The Winners of 2012 are:
Outstanding Personality: Hermina Albert, Counsellor ISPE
Innovtive Technology: ERATIC Spain
REECO CUP 2012: P.M. Service Italy

Florentina Staicu

Montenegro: has acceded into Energy Charter organization

This month, according to the Government of Montenegro, a ministerial meeting in Warsaw agreed the Declaration of accession of Montenegro in Energy Charter organization. The following step is for Montenegro to send to the Energy Charter Secretariat a report of three parts regarding business environment: energy efficiency, environmental impact and harmonization of legislation.

The conference of Energy Charter is held once a year and the report that Montenegro will send will be adopted in the annually conference. Energy Chapter treaty has 54 member states from Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Pacific and the former Soviet Union. This admission is a political instrument that offers the country the observer status. After the Energy Charter Treaty will be ratified in the national parliament it will become legally binding for Montenegro.

Florentina Staicu

Bulgaria: Aqua Therm Sofia 2013

Aqua Therm Sofia is a very large expo which wants to develop into a meeting place for all the companies which want to exhibit their new product range and to see the new and advanced technology equipments offered at reasonable prices.

Aqua Therm Sofia is the perfect place to meet other exhibitors from all around the world and build new contacts that will help grow your business. This is the place where all the renewable sectors, water, heating and air ventilation will meet for all the companies interested to built up new relations and catch up with the latest technology.

You can join us between 20 – 23 of March, 2013, in Inter Expo & Congress Center, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Moldova: the first hospital with solar panels

Solaraterm Company, together with Apricus distribuitor in Moldova, AGS Group Company, installed the first solar thermal systems for public institutions in the former Sovietic Republic.

To "Perinatal Orhei Center" was financed the installation of solar collectors for domestic hot water preparation, this Center becoming the first hospital in Moldova which has Apricus solar thermal collectors.

The second system was installed on the surgical unit of the hospital in Telenesti. As in the first installation this one also provides hot water.

These facilities were financed by European Union represented by the EU Delegation in Moldova through the Moldova Social Investment Fund ( FISM) . The financing agreement for the project reached 2 milions Euro of which 1,5 milion is the grant provided by the EU.

The Project consisted in the purchasing and installation of boilers that run on briquettes mad from agricultural waste and solar thermal systems in 72 public institutions (schools, kindergardens, social health centers) situated in rural and urban areas with no access to natural gas network.

Frimu Ghinea

Links: Solara Term  , FISM .

Romania : Roundtable in Timisoara regarding the renewable energy

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture organized on November 22 a round table on renewable energy, green building and clustering. This project was funded by the European Union PROMOCLUS project, the Project for the Hungary-Romania from 2007 to 2013. Among the topics addressed were found encouraging clustering of SMEs, exchange of experience, the beneficial role of cross-border cooperation in the desire to develop the renewable energy sector.

The discussion was attended by representatives of companies in the sectors of energy and green building in Hungary, experts project as facilitators and representatives of companies in Romania, active in the construction and green energy.

In order to conclude cross-border business partnerships, Diaspora Foundation in Timisoara and Szeged Solar Tech organizes a number of events. These events are based on experience in renewable energy Arch of Szeged, which operates under the aegis Solar Tech.

The two project partners want to support the conclusion of partnerships between companies in the border area through these bilateral meetings.

Florentina Staicu

Ukraine will triple Solar Energy Production in 2012

According to Macquarie Research – an international research company, Ukraine will increase its solar energy production by 400 MW and will start increasing its solar power production capacity by 400 MW per year between 2012 – 2013 and by 500 MW per year between 2014 – 2015. At this moment, the largest power installation in the world has a total capacity of 354 MW – Solar Energy Generating Systems facility in California.

As forecasts the research company by 2016 Ukraine will have solar power plants with a capacity of 1.8 GW and the solar energy will develop in Ukraine much faster than in Greece, Belgium, Austria or Switzerland.

In the last 3 years Ukraine build 20 solar power stations, in 2011 Ukraine launched the Europe’s largest solar power park in Crimea and in 2012 Ukraine’s parliament approved the first reading the bill in order to simplify access of householders to the lower costs of green energy.

In November 2011, an Ernst & Young report the renewable resource potential of Ukraine was considered “impressive”. The same document pointed out that Ukraine gives green energy company significant tax reductions.

Florentina Staicu

First solar water heating systems installed in a remote village of Albania – Theth

Theth  is a remote village in Northern Albania with a community fighting poverty with a low-income, which lacks electricity and a local power station, but is also a national park, one of Albania’s largest woodlands, home for endangered species and wonderful  views.

Trying to promote tourism in this area for several years and trying to promote the technology of solar systems, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, with the support of UNDP Climate Change Programme, Global Environmental Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF/SGP) and in collaboration with the German International Cooperation (GIZ) and Procredit Bank have inaugurated this year, in 20-th of  July the first solar water heating systems installed on 11 guesthouses.

In this project  2012 GEF/SGP and UNDP Solar Water Heating project decided to provide 11 guesthouses with solar water heaters in order to provide hot water for domestic use and showers.

In 2011, after several years of promoting the guesthouses tourism 12,000 guests visited the 23 operational guesthouses , comparing with 300 guests in 2006. Tourism can become the salvation of Theth, taking into consideration that few activities are profitable here due to the remoteness of the village, distance from market and poor quality of the land.
One of the companies which supported the project financially is ProCredit Bank, a financial institution which cooperates with Solar Water Heating project in Albanian market of energy efficiency financial products.

Florentina Staicu

Denmark: a fluctuating solar market

According to the latest ESTIF data, solar thermal market in Denmark is in a slightly change in 2011 compared with 2010. sqm were installed, registering a 3.5% drop compared to 2010.

But still a slightly change started to feel in the beginning of 2012 and the hopes for this year are situated around 62.400 sqm, meaning around 43.6 MW. This change is determinate  by a number of major projects which were won in 2011 but that will be installed in 2012.

Mihai Vintila

CRO ECO ENERGY EXPO 2012 Varaždin - Croatia

Just ended 4th International Renewable Energy Fair in Croatia at Varaždin Arena from city of Varaždin. This  regional fair event, specializing in new technologies, equipment and services in the field of renewable energy is one of the most importend in the country.

The fair is conceived of a platform which should promote and exchange experience and knowledge in the field of renewable energy sources and which brings together companies, international institutions and numerous professionals from this area.

Mihai Vintila

Enreg Energia Regenerabila Arad 2013 - Romania

The ENERG Energia Regenerabila provides a comprehensive overview of the field of renewable energies and everything so accompanied. Parallel to this trade fair will meet experts from around the world to Congress in a knowledge transfer from research and development into practice speedily to ensure.

Date: March 06 - 08  / 2013

ENEX New Energy Kielce 2013 - Poland

The international exhibition for renewable sources of energy ENEX New Energy is a venue for annual meetings held by companies specializing in the production of energy from renewable sources.

Exhibitors from Poland and abroad showcase new power equipment and technologies. The exhibition stands were full of state-of-the-art equipment used for the generation, transmission and distribution of energy from renewable sources. ENEX - New Energy is accompanied by about a dozen conferences and seminars.

Date: February 26 - 28 /2013

RoEnergy South East Europe Timisoara 2012

The best decision to take advantage of the market is attending to the RoEnergy Timisoara 2012, International Trade Fair of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, which will take place in Timisoara, at Expovest Pavilion (Hotel Senator), in 28 - 30 November 2012. And to hold a maximum visibility, the best option is to reserve a booth at the exhibition starting right now.

Companies from the EU (Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, etc.) have reserved booth as Exhibitors at the RoEnergy Timisoara, to be in the center of attention. The Event will include exhibition, conferences, roundtables, training applications, business meetings, etc., on topics solar / photovoltaic, biomass, biogas, biofuels, wind energy, hydropower, energy efficiency.

Mihai Vintila

4th International Conference - Solar Energy in Romania

The 4th conference Solar Energy in Romania was opened by Mr. Alexandru SĂNDULESCU, Manager Energy Policies in the Romanian Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Business Environment.

Discussion abode information about feed in tariffs, utility scale PV in a changing South East European regulatory environment and also new energy support scheme in Romania.

All aspect of discussion was interesting and conference was very interesting point of meeting all experts in PV area.

Date: November 22, 2012
Location: Palace Hall, Bucharest, Romania

PV market from Germany continue to grow

In September 2012 in German warket was instaled 1 gigawatt (GW). From January to September new installation come up to 6.2GW. If we look back at 2010 when all market was 7.4GW and in 2011 when 7.5GW instalations was dun we can discuss about growing market.

Probably at the end of 2012 value will be over 2011. Important supplyers in german market are First Solar (US), Suntech (China), Renewable Energy Corp (Norway) si SMA (Germany).


Reluarea platilor in programul Casa Verde

Ca urmare a rectificarii bugetare s-au reluat platile in cadrul programului Casa Verde sectiunea dedicata persoanelor fizice. E vorba de platile pentru cei care au depus dosarele in cursul anului 2012  dupa luna mai pentru tragerea din 2011.

Reamintim ca programul va continua in 2013. Pana la finalul acestui an se vor inchide dosarele din sesiunile anterioare si se vor efectua plati. (M.V)

Danemarca : o piata solara fluctuanta

Conform ultimelor date ESTIF piata de panouri solare termice in Danemarca este in schimbare usoara  in anul 2011 comparativ cu 2010. S-au instalat 43000 mp in scadere cu 3.5% fata de 2010.

Totusi o schimbare se simte la inceputul lui 2012 iar sperantele pentru acest an sunt de 62400 mp adica cca 43.6 MW. Aceasta schimbare este determinata de o seriede proiecte mari adjudecate in 2011 dar care vor fi instalate in 2012.

Mihai Vintila

Republica Ceha: piata a scazut cu 30%

Piata de sisteme solare termice in Republica Ceha a scazut in anul 2011 cu 30% comparativ cu 2010. S-au instalat 65000 mp de panouri ceea ce reprezinta cca 45500 KW. Programul guvernamental de subventii a fost taiat si impactul asupra pietei a fost major.

Mihai Vintila ( date ESTIF )

Energia Solară în România - editia a IV-a a Conferintei Internationale

România se bucură anul acesta de o crestere a numărului de investitori în domeniul energiei solare, iar odată cu aceasta a crescut si numărul de licente solicitate pentru instalarea de parcuri solare.

În 2012 numărul investitorilor care au solicitat licențe a ajuns deja la 300, fată de anul trecut când numărul acestora a fost de 50. Statul a aprobat o lege prin care investitorii primesc 6 certificate verzi pe MWh până la 1 ianuarie 2014 si nu doar până la 1 ianuarie 2013, asa cum a fost stabilit initial.

Pentru a sprijini dezvoltarea pietei de energii regenrabile în România, REECO va organiza cea dea V-a editie a târgului si conferintelor RENEXPO SOUTH-EAST EUROPE, între 21-23 noiembrie, la Sala Palatului din Bucuresti.

EEE 2012 un targ discret

Editia EEE 2012 a fost indiferent ce spun organizatorii una discreta. Putine firme, slaba prezentare si mai ales slaba promovare. Daca nu ar fi fost in acelasi timp cu TIB ar fi fost o dezamagire si mai mare. Aceasta in ciuda pietei solare care nu a scazut dupa afirmatiile celor care sunt implicati in acest business.

Sper ca anul 2013 sa aduca consacrarea acestui targ dedicat energiilor regenerabile pe care Romexpo incerca sa il impuna in piata. Poate atunci.

Mihai Vintila

De ce nu existã producţie de panouri solare în România

România este singura ţarã importantã din Europa care nu are un producãtor naţional de panouri solare termice. Nu se produc la noi nici panouri solare plane dar nici panouri solare cu tuburi vidate.

Pentru o ţarã de dimensiunile şi potenţialul nostru este un paradox. Avem de exemplu în Serbia un producãtor, în Bulgaria doi, în Ungaria doi pânã şi Slovenia are doi ba chiar şi Macedonia are doi pentru a nu mai spune de Polonia care are şapte!

Acum sã nu îmi spuneţi cã piata de panouri solare din Macedonia sau Serbia este mai mare ca cea din România pentru cã nu existã argumente în acest sens.

Numai în România se estimeaza cã s-au instalat in anul 2010, dupã ultimile date publicate în 2011 de cãtre European Solar Thermal Industry Federation, peste 10850 mp de panouri solare termale iar  numarul total în funcţiune a ajuns la peste 104700 mp. Comparativ putem spune cã în zona noastrã Polonia a instalat peste 102134 mp, Ungaria peste 14700 mp iar Bulgaria peste 5880 mp. Asa cum se poate observa in toate aceste cazuri existã şi producţie internã.

Programul Casa Verde a stimulat piaţa, a ajutat importatorii dar mai ales firmele de instalaţii care astfel s-au putut dezvolta. Mai mult decât atât particularii au avut acces la subvenţii, la informaţii din ce în ce mai corecte şi pertinente. Atunci de ce nimeni nu vine în întâmpinarea pieţei pentru a produce aici astfel de produse şi de ce nu pentru a le exporta chiar.

Au existat incercari din partea unor grupuri industriale române de a implementa o producţie de panouri solare. S-au luat licenţe de execuţie dar nu s-a reuşit trecerea la nivelul producţiei de masã, la exporturi etc.

Rãspunsul la întrebarea din titlu este din pãcate dat de legislaţie, de birocraţie dar mai ales de inconstanţa care guverneazã mediul de afaceri românesc. Nimeni nu îşi riscã banii fie el român sau strãin într-un mediu impredictibil. Faptul cã este aşa este arãtat de sistarea de ultim moment a programului Casa Verde.

Sper sã pot vedea pe piaţa din România şi nu numai produse româneşti şi astfel sã ne putem înscrie şi noi ca ţarã în trendul mondial al energiilor verzi.

Mihai Vintila (

Intarzieri de plati in programul Casa Verde

Cu toate ca guvernul Ponta prin toate luarile de cuvant ale reprezentantilor sai sprijina programul Casa Verde acesta sufera de o subfinantare cronica. In acest moment la Agentia Fondului de Mediu din Bucuresti sunt liste cu mii de oameni care astepta sa isi primeasca subventia dupa ce au semnat contracte si au pus instalatii care folosesc energia verde.

Cele mai multe instalatii sunt de panouri solare. Exista o intarzierea in plati, in unele cazuri, de peste 6 luni! Recent guvernul a alocat o suplimentare dar banii inca nu au ajuns la beneficiari datorita vitezei mici in care se misca lucrurile in administatia de stat.

Pentur stat si pentru guvern efectuarea platilor ar fi cea mai rapida solutie. Nu cred ca cineva din cabinet e nerabdator sa mai aibe inca cateva mii de procese pe rol prin care sa se demonstreze inca o data ca Romania doar ia de la cetateni si nu da.

Pacat de aceste arierate pentru ca in sine programul nu este rau ba putem spune chiar bun atata pentru stat care reduce semnificativ factura de gaze catre rusi cat si pentru particulari care isi cresc confortul si platesc mai putin pentru energia termica.

Renewable Energy Award acordat pentru prima oara

RENEXPO SOUTH-EAST EUROPE, cel mai mare eveniment de energie regenerabila si eficienta energetica, acorda pentru prima data "Renewable Energy Award", un premiu unei personalitati din industria de energie regenerabila si unei tehnologii inovatoare. Premiul se va acorda în cadrul Serii Profesionale pentru Networking, care va avea loc pe 22 noiembrie 2012, la Crystal Palace Ballrooms din Bucuresti.


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