EU start investigation against Chinese dumping prices for solar glass

The European Commission launched an investigation on 28 February into industry claims that Chinese solar glass producers are dumping their products in the European Union at below market value, opening a new front in the trade battle with China.The Commission said there was sufficient evidence to show possible dumping by Chinese exporters that may be injuring EU industry.

EU anti-dumping investigations last up to 15 months. The Commission can impose provisional import duties within the first nine months. EU member states vote on whether to set definitive duties, which typically lasting five years.

The EU solar glass market is valued at less than €200 million.

Energy Tech 2013 Thessaloniki Greece

Energy Tech 2013 Thessaloniki was a very good fair. Despite the Greek crisis in the fair all companies was optimist about market and sales. Yes, is not like five years ago but the market still flow, despite the decrease.

In solar section was with boots very important distributors, local manufacturers and also for other countries. Was very low presence of France but very high of Germany, mostly with local distributors.

Number of visitor was very big, about my expectations. For the first time I sow surprised by the Greek reaction of the economical situation. Small companies struggle to flow but the bigger make new investment and look for new opportunities. This edition was one of the most successful fair in Helexpo Thessaloniki.

Frimu Ghinea

Ukraine: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Ukraine: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Source: SolarGIS © 2012 GeoModel Solar s.r.o

SolarTech Expo Turkey 2013 conference

Focusing on recent technology and commercial market developments within PV, CSP, CPV, OPVC, BIPV, Thin Film and solar thermal, SolarTech Expo Turkey, a strictly B2B conference and exhibition will be held in Istanbul 27-28 March 2013.

Government support, project finance and risk mitigation options will also be discussed.

Located in the networking area exhibition will hold 25 exhibition stands where leading solar energy companies will present their technologies and solutions for the industry.

Conference main topics:

-Development of solar projects in Turkey
-Government support for solar energy industry
-Thin-film technology
-Crystalline technology update
-PV, CSP, CPV, HCPV, BIPV technology update
-Solar power inverter innovations
-Large scale solar build - options for Turkey, Southern Europe and MENA
-Large scale solar - challenges and opportunities
-Solar-thermal technology update
-Building integrated photovoltaic
-Energy storage for solar energy industry
-Hybrid and organic photovoltaics (HOPV)
-O&M of PV systems
-Project finance for solar energy industry
-Project risk management
-Solar energy and smart grid
-New market opportunities
-Next generation solar

Why attend:

A fully packed programme of high profile speakers.Excellent networking with the who's who of the regional and international solar energy industry.Technology update in the exhibition area.Extensive finance advice on developing commercially profitable solar energy projects with case studies.Learn about local solar energy development and profitability.Join +200 experts.Take part in extensive matchmaking sessions with industry leaders and decision-makers.

source :

date :  27-03-2013 - 28-03-2013
place: Istanbul, Turkey

Siemens, Viesmann to cooperate with SCM in launching energy efficient technologies in Ukraine

The German companies Siemens and Viesmann consider SCM Group as a prospective partner and are ready to actively cooperate with it in the implementation of energy efficient technologies. Siemens Ukraine CFO Thomas Stuemer said during a round table organized for German businessmen in Donetsk that his company was already implementing two very interesting projects with DTEK.

"This is renewable energy, particularly wind power, and modernization of the functioning power plants - upgrade of turbines and automation. Under this project, we signed in August 2012 a contract until 2014, according to which Siemens would provide its equipment," Stuemer said.

Meanwhile, he said, the German side offers a series of decisions that are now being discussed for further joint work.

In turn, the head of Viesmann's trade mission Stanislav Novytsky stressed that energy efficiency improvement as a strategic objective of SCM is of a great interest to the German side. "Provision of equipment and technical solutions to improve energy efficiency are really very interesting to us. We have quite long been working with the SCM, with its different parts. We supplied boiler and technical equipment to them, and we plan to further develop our cooperation," Novytsky said.

SCM Group annually invests at least $200 million in energy efficiency of its businesses and in resource saving. These investments are aimed at modernization of production facilities, introduction of energy efficient technologies and alternative power industry development. As part of modernization programs, particularly, technologies are introduced for pulverized coal injection into blast furnaces at the SCM steel mills, and the construction of wind farms is underway.

The company has initiated the creation of the energy efficiency rating of Ukrainian regions.

source :

Romania: the number of green certificates could be reduced with January 2014

Every company which produces energy from renewable sources receives a number of green certificates, according with the technology used and the energy produced: for photovoltaic panels 6 green certificates and for hidro panels 3 green certificates. There is a proposal from 2012, according to ANRE (The National Regulatory for Energy) which decreases the number of green certificates received by the green energy producers.

The proposal was not adopted in 2012 and in the meantime another law appeared which establish that the legislation in this field can not be changed until 2015. Having in view that the suppliers must buy these certificates from manufacturers, according to legislation and this cost reflects in the price that consumers pay for electricity, the Government could adopt starting with January 2014 a reduced support scheme for renewable energy in the fields where these are overcompensated.

Florentina Staicu

Apricus solar collectors. Experience and opportunity in Republic of Moldova

"Apricus solar collectors. Experience and opportunity in Republic of Moldova" conference will be in 22 March 2013 at 16:45 in MoldEnergy conference room with speakers from Apricus and Solarterm Moldova.

For more details and free invitations visit Solaraterm website.

Turkey: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Turkey: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Source: SolarGIS © 2012 GeoModel Solar s.r.o

Romania: Selgros started to dance and Dacia is learning the steps in renewable energy

Following the example of Selgros, which already benefits from its solar panels from their rooftops in Romania, Dacia has shown its interest in developing a photovoltaic project which will be also installed on the rooftop of its factory in Mioveni.

Renault Group has already announced the intention to start the feasibility studies in several countries including Romania.

Renault Group took this decision after they finished this kind of investment in their factory in France.

Florentina Staicu

Slovenia: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Slovenia: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Source: SolarGIS © 2012 GeoModel Solar s.r.o 


Estonia: unfulfilled expectations regarding green energy

With a percentage of 14.9 from the total gross power of the country, the green energy is not so appreciated between the Estonian people. One of the reason could be that the green energy contracts are with 3% more expensive that a regular contract.

Since the state become the main owner of the green energy provider the interest was lost and fewer people are willing to pay more for energy, even if this comes from renewable sources, mainly wind power.

Florentina Staicu

Romania: new plans for a photovoltaic park in Piatra Neamt

Following the market trend, Piatra Neamt City Hall has announced the intention to invest around 16,4 mil euros in a photovoltaic park. This park is intended to have a 3 MW installed power.

An auction regarding this project, which will be co-financed by the Municipality, was settled for 3rd of June, 2013.

Florentina Staicu

ENREG 2013 - No.1 Meeting Point from the West Part of Romania for PV Investors

ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA®, the biggest trade fair on renewable energy and energy efficiency in construction and renovation in the euro-region Danube-Cris-Maros-Tisa comes back between the 6th - 8th of March 2013, at Expo Arad International. The trade fair brings together also this year, experts and key persons from the field and increases the common interest of Romania, Hungary and Serbia for the renewable energy and energy efficiency. The event includes the trade fair, forums, workshops and conferences.

Romania is the most attractive country in eastern Europe regarding the renewable energy. It represents a business opportunity, both for big investors and also for local entrepreneurs with limited resources. Romanian Government encourages renewable energy production through the mandatory quota of green certificates acquisition. Among the exhibitors of the fair are both national and international companies, from 10 countries on 2 continents.

For the first time, in parallel with ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA®, REECO intends to organize PV Platform Romania, the no.1 meeting point for PV sector in the euro-region Danube-Cris-Maros-Tisa, which will host the 2 days conference and workshop, 6th-7th of March 2013: PV Platform Romania -  Changes & Risks. The 2 days conference will cover topics as: PV Market in the European Union; PV Technology for the Future; PV Market in Romania; Legal & Financial Framework for PV Power Plants in Romania.

The trade fair has the support of partners as IPA, Romanian Small Hydropower Association and Romanian Association of Electricians and so far is sponsored by by 7 major companies in the solar energy: ET Solar, Hategan Low Office, IDEEMASUN, Meca Solar - Proinso, Producție Energie Verde, Rödl & Partner and Solanna Investment.

The international trade fair expects you also this year with topics like: solar energy, biomass, hydro energy, wood energy, heat pumps, geothermal energy and energy efficiency in construction and renovation. Among the exhibited objects and equipment by exhibitors at the fair are: solar panels, inverters, hydro turbines, biomass boiler, boilers and others.

Several accompanying conferences and forums with topics of renewable energy and energy efficiency will take place in parallel with the fair, where public authorities, associations, scientists and companies will present trends, results of research, technology and innovation in their field.

The 5th edition of the conference Biogas Production Technologies and their Importance for Sustainable Development will be organised on the 7th of March 2013. At the conference experts in the field will present topics as: Biogas - Economic and Business Driver of the Future; EU Projects, Border Cooperation & International Markets; Research, Development, Practical examples..

In the framework of the 5th International Conference - Wood Energy in Romania,  topics like: Ways to purchase and introduce wood biomass on the market-technologies and alternative treatments for Romanian forests; Financing small and medium power generation projects using biomass; Barriers in the use of biomass to produce energy: environment & current use of biomass (agriculture, wood processing industry) and many others will be discussed. The 5th National Conference: Small Hydropower in Romania - Present and Future, organised in collaboration with the ROSHA, will present topics as: SHP legislation; Minimizing environmental SHP; Experiences of investors, developers, manufacturers and suppliers for SHP equipment and others.

Parallel to the conferences side events including the workshop: IBEF - International Business Exchange Forum will accept the participants for free.

For more information about ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA®, you can visit the trade fair's website

Latvia: NO to reduced VAT on heating

Although hundred of people participated on a rally in order to sustain the reduction of VAT on heating, water, gas and electricity the amendment was turned down by Latvian Saeima.

The proposal was maid by Harmony Center and was planned to start with 1st of June, 2013.

Their intention was to reduce VAT on heating suppliers to residents at 5%. More rallys are expected to take place in front of the government until their requests will be heard and taken into consideration.

Florentina Staicu

Slovakia: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Slovakia: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Source: SolarGIS © 2012 GeoModel Solar s.r.o

ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA - PV Platform Romania - An Initiative to Support PV Sector Development in Romania

REECO organises between the 6th - 8th of March 2013, at Expo Arad International,  the first edition of PV Platform Romania, No.1 meeting point for experts in the photovoltaic sector. The event will take place in parallel with ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA®, the biggest trade fair on renewable energy and energy efficiency in construction and renovation in the euro-region Danube - Cris - Mures - Tisza.

The initiative to organize an event dedicated to solar energy is due to the importance that it currently has both in Romania and worldwide. Official data shows that in 2012 the photovoltaic sector produced modules that had a combined capacity of 11 GW, a figure considered by experts being a record. Romania become an attractive country to implement photovoltaic projects, which has created a safe and guaranteed success of implemented projects by investors, both Romanians and foreigners.

A number of solar parks installation projects were released at the beginning of this year, one of them being in Arad county, in Sebiș. The project involves the development of a solar park on an area of 200 hectares, with an investment of 100 million euro and 317.000 mounted panels with a total capacity of  65 MW. According to investors it will be the biggest solar park in Romania and one of the largest in Europe and fully functional from this summer.

This year the trade fair will host 100 exhibitors from 10 countries on 2 continents, that will exhibit their products and services on 2500m² exhibiting space. The importance of solar energy and the interest of investors in this area is highlighted by the large number of exhibitors at the PV Platform Romania. Over 60% of the total number of exhibitors are on photovoltaic sector and they will be easily found by specialized visitors, thanks to the booths that will be located in a separate trade fair area. 

PV Platform Romania, No.1 meeting point for the photovoltaic sector in the euro-region Danube - Cris - Mures - Tisza, will host the 2 days conference, 6th-7th of March 2013: PV Platform Romania -  Changes & Risks. Great personalities in the area as Zoltan Nagy-Bege - General Director, Energy Efficiency Regulatory Department, ANRE Romania, Silvia Vlăsceanu - Association of Utilies Companies from the Energy Field ACUE and representatives of prestigious companies from 7 countries in Europe: Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and Romania will sustain presentations during the conference. The topics debated will be: PV Market in the European Union; PV Technology for the Future; PV Eastern Europe - Romanian Market Situation; Legal & Financial Framework for PV Power Plants in Romania and Engineering, Construction, Technical Issues.

Until now the event is sponsored by 7 important companies from the photovoltaic  area: ET Solar, Hategan Low Office, IDEEMASUN, Meca Solar - Proinso, Producție Energie Verde, Rödl & Partner and Solanna Investment.

PV Platform Romania will host also the workshop  AREL Academy / Photovoltaics - Spring Session ENREG 2013, organized by Romanian Electricians Association, on the 8th of March 2013 and the PV Specialists Forum. During AREL workshop there will be debated issues such as Photovoltaic Plants Maintenance; Residential PV systems. Hobby or a new opportunity?; EPC's: Situation or brake for the investors? and others.

For more information about ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA®, you can visit the trade fair's website

Contact and information:
REECO RO Expoziţii S.R.L.
B-dul. Revoluţiei, Nr. 96, Ap. 4, 310025 Arad
Phone: +40 (0) 257-23099 - 9
Fax: +40 (0) 257-23099 - 8

Armenia negotiates with investors to develop solar and wind industry

Armenia is negotiating with different foreign and local investors for implementation of programs in frames of wind and solar energy sectors. This was noted by press secretary of the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Armenia Lusine Harutyunyan during the interview with Armenpress. Monitoring works of wind power project in Shirak region of Armenian-Italian private company have already been concluded.

First Wind Power farm is located in the northern region of Lori along the Bazum Mountains at Pushkin Pass. The wind farm has a capacity of 2.64 MegaWatts and consists of 4 wind turbines. As explained on the sign, it was completed on December 2005 by the Iranian company "Sunir" with funding from the Islamic Republic of Iran.    

source : Armenpress

Poland : Apricus announce new partner in Polish market

Apricus is pleased to annouce a strategic partnership with Soleko for the Polish market.  Apricus and Soleko have already been cooperating for some time, but a much closer partnership has been established to provide more comprehensive product offering and stronger technical support to the Polish market.

Members of the Apricus sales and management team visited Soleko head office in October 2012 and were impressed with the calibre of the team and in particular their strong focus on providing only the highest quality solar thermal installations and customer service. 

Mick Humphreys, Apricus CEO commented:

"This was my first time to Poland, and I was pleasantly surprised by the level of economic growth and demand for quality products.  Meeting the Soleko team face to face concreted the choice to work with them as a strategic partner and official office for Apricus in Poland.  They are a great team!"

With the strong economical growth in the region, Soleko is working strongly with the Apricus technical team to refine solutions to meet the local residential market requirements in additional to developing proposals for commercial projects.

For more information about Soleko, please visit and about Apricus visit

The Solar Group’s results for 2012 and expectations for 2013

The Solar Group’s 2012 revenue and EBITA fell short of previously announced expectations. Expectations for revenue and EBITA for 2013 will be adjusted downwards. Financial gearing
of 1.5 times EBITDA at year-end 2012. Capital structure will be assessed after H1 2013.
Teleconference on Monday 18 February 2013 at 08:30 CET.

For more info :

Romania: plans for photovoltaic parks in Cluj

Chinteni Common is a place near Cluj which recently gain in different processes in court regarding 2,000 sqm. With this new teritory they plan to extend the current common with a new village but also to invest in photovoltaic parks. For the first one, which will have approximatively 10 ha is intended to be a joint venture between the officialties from Cluj and Chinteni.

Chinteni will offer the ground and Cluj will offer the money and electricity for Chinteni. Chinteni Common has more than 100 ha at its disposal in order to develop the area and plans are made for a second photovoltaic park, a partnership with a private company.

Florentina Staicu

Training session with Professor Waldemar Skomudek at the ENEX Expo 2013 Poland

Professor Waldemar Skomudek has prepared a series of original training sessions about innovative solutions for power engineering as the guarantee power supply continuity, product and service certification for power engineering utilisation – the series of trainings designed to familiarise listeners with up-to-date regulations on product certification dedicated for the power engineering sector as well as with the cutting-edge solutions for system reliability. The session is to be held on 27th February in Targi Kielce.

The training sessions will be chaired by the acknowledged expert in the field of power reengineering – professor Waldemar Skomudek PhD Hab. of Opole University of Technology. Professor Skomudek has worked as a manager of Poland’s leading energy sector companies.

11th Fair of Renewable Sources of Energy ENEX - New Energy
Date of exhibition: 26-28 February, 2013 .

More info on

Serbia Green Building Expo 2013

Serbia Green Expo
SERBIA GREEN BUILDING EXPO  is the international exhibition and conference on sustainable buildings. The second edition of Serbian Green Building Expo will take place between February 27th and March 1st 2013 at BELEXPOCENTAR HALL of Belgrade (Novi Beograd).

More info on

Warsaw University of Technology start to use solar energy

mp-tec GmbH & Co. KG has concluded a cooperation agreement with Warsaw University of Technology under the “dena Solar Roofs Programme” coordinated by the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) – the German Energy Agency – and co-financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) within the initiative “renewables – Made in Germany”. As part of the project, two photovoltaic systems are currently being installed on the Warsaw University of Technology campus.

These are a fixed and a tracking solar installation with a total output of 8.64 kWp. The installation of the two systems directly next to each other enables an optimum long-term comparison of yield data and is ideal for demonstrating the differences between fixed and tracking systems.

The project will be complemented by information services and training to enable students and other interested parties to find out about photovoltaics and the project.

Bulgaria : Yuliana Ivanova new boss from DKEVR

Yuliana Ivanova is the new Chair of Bulgaria's State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation (DKEVR). This change was make because the last Chair Angel Semerdzhiev failure to perform job duties.

Bulgaria are under pressure from EU for Electricity and Gas Directives how are not yet implemented.

The new Chair , with degree in engineering, need to make all for preparation and adoption of secondary legislation related to the Third Energy Liberalization Package.

Frimu Ghinea

Bulgaria : Boyko Borisov about contested grid access fee for renewable energy producers

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov admitted was his idea the introduction of the contested grid access fee for renewable energy producers .

"We would have driven the state to bankruptcy, had we not interfered on time….If we had fetched panels worth billions, we would be having no wheat but only wind turbines" Bulgaria's Prime Minister said.

Frimu Ghinea

Ukraine: New 303 kW solar power plant launched in Vinnytsia region

The first solar power plant of 303 kW was put into operation in Trybusivka, Pischane district, Vinnytsia region, Andriy Hyzhko, head of the main economic department at the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration, told UKRINFORM.

"In 2013, we expect a boom in the construction of solar power plants. Beside the Trybusivka, six more construction sites in four districts are nearing completion. Now we have an order from a powerful Ukrainian energy company that wants to design an additional of 12 solar power plants. Overall, for 2013, the region will put into operation solar power plants for 200 MW," Hyzhko said.

According to the official, the regional authorities see no threats or risks that could impede achievement of the planned volume of solar energy development in the region. At the cost of solar energy, it is planned to provide lighting for thousands of villages in the region and create about 200 new jobs.

Now Vinnytsia region has four solar power plants with a total capacity of 1.2 MW. The estimated cost of building a solar power station with a capacity of 1 MW is 10 million UAH. The purchase cost of one kilowatt of electricity generated by solar power plants is 6.5 UAH. The "green tariff" will be in effect until January 1, 2017.

source : Укрінформ

Romania : Braila, the wind of change

wind energy in Romania
Situated on the “wind corridor” of Romania, Braila County was in the last years a target for investments in wind energy. Here are already present local, national and international players - all of them with announced projects which they are financing and from time to time information regarding their successes are released to the press.

The first wind farm was developed in Gemenele Commune by Braila Winds Energy SRL. This project is fully functional and has an installed power of 48MW. Moreover, this success story was strengthened through a sale of the park to GDF Suez Energy Romania, an active player in the market. After this success, Braila Winds Energy SRL is interested in developing a new project to which they also prepared a policy of sale to a larger company.

Filasa International, through its subsidiary Eolenvest SRL wants to develop three wind farms with a total capacity of 400MW. The investment will start in late 2013 and will run most of it in 2014. The chosen location is Insuratei City, the same City where another wind farm is announced with an installed power of 10MW.

The picture is completed by another 3 new projects in three Communes: Urleasca, with an announced investment in 4 projects totaling 10 MW installed power, Surdila Gaiseanca with 28MW and Salcia Tudor with 50MW.

Catching up with projects under 10MW each are Ianca, Bordei Verde, Victoria, Dudesti and Cuza Voda. The last on the list is Silistea Commune with only one wind turbine.

Looking to the big picture of solar investments of Braila we can say that the prospects are good, especially since much of the funding comes from large companies which are sometimes behind financial vehicles such as SRL type. Also we can conclude that most of the projects will be sold after their completion. All that we have to do is to observe with interest the development of this new industry in this part of the country.

Mihai Vintila  
Romania, renewable energy consultant

INTERSOLAR AWARD 2013 for solar projects in EUROPE

InterSolar Europe
Intersolar Europe presents the Intersolar AWARD for the sixth year running to celebrate particularly innovative solutions in the categories Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal Technologies and PV Production Technologies. At Intersolar Europe next year, the distinguished innovation prize is also awarded in the debuting category Solar Projects in Europe, which honors projects under the topics Storage, Industrial and Commercial Use of Photovoltaics, as well as Process Heat that have set a particularly inspiring example in driving forward the energy revolution. Companies wanting to apply for the Intersolar AWARD may submit their documents from February 1 to March 28.

The Intersolar AWARD in the new category Solar Projects was already presented in 2012 at Intersolar North America for Solar Projects in North America and at Intersolar India for Solar Projects in India. At Intersolar Europe 2013, the award is also being given for the first time in the category Solar Projects in Europe, in addition to the existing categories Photovoltaics, Solar Thermal Technologies and PV Production Technologies. The accolade shines the spot light on outstanding services and products that not only present a particular benefit to society and the environment, but also offer economic advantages and a high level of technical innovation. The winners are announced as part of an official ceremony on June 19, 2013 at Intersolar Europe in Munich.

Future issues affecting the solar energy supply
Rising electricity and heating costs are making both businesses and private households ever more keen to take their energy supply into their own hands. Photovoltaics is becoming ever less expensive, increasingly presenting itself as an economically viable and, above all, reliable alternative to conventionally generated electricity. It therefore pays for many business and private households to invest in their own system and consume solar energy generated on site. At the same times, projects aimed at increasing the consumption of solar energy generated on site contribute to stabilizing the existing grid infrastructure. But it’s not just using solar power that holds enormous potential, so too does heat generation using process heat from solar thermal power plants. Until now, solar thermal technologies in Germany supplies hot water primarily to private households. Solar thermal technologies can however also be used for many applications in commercial and industrial operations, such as manufacturing processes in the food and chemical industry or textile sector. As the world’s leading exhibition series for the solar industry, Intersolar has therefore introduced the new category Solar Projects for exemplary projects in this up-and-coming area.

New category Solar Projects in Europe
Projects from three different topics can be submitted. The topic Storage is aimed at projects that increase on-site energy consumption in single and multi-family dwellings through the use of new storage technologies. Under the topic Industrial and Commercial Use, projects are sought that lead the way in showing how photovoltaics can be used in industrial production and supplying commercial buildings. The third topic Process Heat involves projects that stand out thanks to highly innovative applications using solar thermal power plants in commerce and industry.

Participation conditions for the Intersolar AWARD 2013
For applications to be valid, projects must be fully completed and no older than two years at the time the application for the award is submitted. To get short listed, applicants must demonstrate that the project centers on a groundbreaking and unique solution. The jury also bases its decision on how the project can benefit society and the environment, as well as the resulting economic benefits and level of technical innovation.

The award is open to all exhibitors of global Intersolar events in 2013.

Companies wanting to apply for the Intersolar AWARD can find more information at All applications must be submitted by March 28, 2013.

Upsolar in Serbia and Croatia

Upsolar, a leading international provider of solar PV modules, announced the company will now offer its full suite of modules to customers in Serbia and Croatia through an exclusive distribution partnership with Plan-net Solar, an experienced solar services provider for customers across the Balkans. Entry into these regions enables Upsolar to further expand its reach within promising markets throughout Europe.
Plan-net Solar—which recently launched offices in Bestovje, Zagreb, Croatia and Šimanovci, Vojvodina, Serbia—first collaborated with Upsolar in 2009, when the companies inked an exclusive supply agreement for the Slovenian market. Plan-net Solar is currently installing a 40 kW project featuring Upsolar modules in Serbia, positioning the companies among the first players in this market.
"Throughout our experience in Slovenia, Upsolar has clearly demonstrated both the exceptional performance of its products and the unmatched diligence of its team,” said mag. Marko Femc, General Manager of Plan-net Solar. “We are encouraged by our success in the region and look forward to achieving similar results across these new territories in the coming years.”
In 2013, the Serbian and Croatian markets are expected to reach 10 MW and 15 MW of installed solar capacity, respectively, up from just 100 kW and 8 MW at the end of 2012.
"Upsolar has a history of moving deftly into new markets to help accelerate solar energy adoption in regions with major growth potential,” said Anne Torricelli, Senior Global Key Account Manager for Upsolar. “Bolstered by the support of a locally respected partner like Plan-net Solar, we are already one step ahead of the pack in our work to expand renewable energy use in Serbia and Croatia.”

The 31% increase of the total number of visitors of INFACOMA and ENERGYTECH

The 31% increase -compared to last year- of the total number of visitors of INFACOMA and ENERGYTECH exhibitions, which were held at Thessaloniki International Exhibition Center on 16-19 February 2012, is deemed very impressive and far more than expected.

In particular, 41,326 persons visited the 2 exhibitions during the 4 days of their operation whilst the visitors’ percentages for each exhibition separately, are the following: 80% increase of the total number of visitors for ENERGYTECH and 13% increase for INFACOMA.

According to the visitors’ data analysis, the number of plain visitors for ENERGY TECH increased by 105%, while for INFACOMA by 27%.
The ‘gates’ of the two exhibitions also welcomed hosted buyers from Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, FYROM, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Switzerland, Turkey, Spain, Syria, Slovakia, etc.

The exhibitors of INFACOMA and ENERGY TECH having special interest in the sectors of building and energy, will have the opportunity to meet again during the two large theme tributes of the 77th TIF, i.e. DOMISIS and ENERGYLAND.

Romania: new photovoltaic park in Arad

A new photovoltaic park is under construction in Sebis, Arad. This will be the largest photovoltaic park in Romania and one of the largest in Europe, according to Mediafax. A total of 100 mil euros were alocated for developing 3 projects in Sebis, on a total of 200 ha. The first 2 parks, using 44 ha, are under construction and here will be installed around 72,000 photovoltaic panels with 15 MW instalated power.

Is estimated that these will be finished in march - april 2013. The third project will have 50MW instalated power and will have around 150 ha. It is estimated that after finishing the entire project the energy produced by the Park will ensure the need of energy for around 100,000 people and will increase with 50% the income to the City Hall. This Project will also provide to the area around 100 new permanent working places.

Florentina Staicu

Romania : AMBIENT INSTAL 2013

Expo Transilvania Cluj-Napoca and Cluj Chamber of Commerce and Industry, invite you at The International Specialized Fair for Installations Ambient Instal 2013. This edition, 22,will take place in ROMANIA, Cluj–Napoca at the end of February,between 27 and March 3 at Expo Transilvania Exhibition Center.

Earning a solid position during the former editions, AMBIENT INSTAL Fair is became acknowledged as an important event among others similar events.

More information on

RoEnergy Bucharest 5-7 June 2013 Trade Fair - The easiest way to make contact with the Romanian market

While other EU countries are facing serious economic problems with the cut down incentives in renewable energy, Romania has a more privileged situation. This makes Romania  for investments in renewable energy the most attractive country in South Eastern Europe.


Serbia: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Serbia: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Source: SolarGIS © 2012 GeoModel Solar s.r.o


Romania: Arnold Schwarzenegger promote the renewable energy

source :
It seems that the new prime minister of Romania, Victor Ponta, is interested in the opportunities that renewable and green energy represents because, in the beginning of February 2013, while beying in Viena, he participated to a confecence held by Arnold Schwarzenegger about green energy and the legislation in this field.

More than that, he invited Arnold to participate to a conference in Romania on the same theme. Arnold Schwarzenegger, former world known actor, is taking advantage of his acting carrier in order to promote the renewable energy around the world.

In the near future more informations on the date when the conference will take place will be released to the press.

Florentina Staicu

Romania: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Romania: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Source: SolarGIS © 2012 GeoModel Solar s.r.o


AQUA-THERM 2013 Moscow

5-8 February, 2013
International exhibition center Crocus Expo, Moscow, Russia,
pavilion 3, halls 13, 14, 15

The show, organized by Reed Exhibitions and ITE Moscow is the leading one in its sphere. Industry professionals rate AQUA-THERM Moscow as the best event for technologies in the HVAC industry.

The largest and leading organizers and creators of Mostra Convegno, Batimat, MosBuild, Intertool, etc. in partnership with major associations and industry bodies. The unmatched network of world-wide organizing offices ensures truly global events with exhibitors coming from all corners of our planet!

AQUA-THERM 2013 will be held at Crocus Expo – Moscow state of the art exhibition venue for trade events- conveniently located between Moscow’major airports, business district and city centre and offering excellent transportation infrastructure.

Today, the subject of energy-saving, environmental safety and efficiency is becoming the keynote, and Aqua-Therm Moscow Exhibition, being the leading business platform of the industry, is paying special attention to this innovative area. Organizers intend to further develop New Energy project and provide maximum support in promotion of products and services of project participants.

Poland: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Poland: Global solar horizontal irradiation

Poland solar

Source: SolarGIS © 2012 GeoModel Solar s.r.o


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