INTERKLIMA 2013 - Zagreb, Croatia

Therefore sustainable development in this sector ultimately requires incessant finding of new solutions, perfecting of the existing and urgent implementation of increasingly efficient technologies, equipment and materials in the field of heating, air-conditioning, ventilation and drinking water treatment.



ROMENVIROTEC 2013 - International fair for technology and environmental protection equipment, will take place between 09th -12th April 2013, in the ROMEXPO Exhibition Centre, Bucharest, Romania.


Solar collectors have spread in Moldova.

Company S.C. "AGS GRUP" S.R.L. was founded in 2006, a team of professionals with extensive experience, and a great desire to implement the latest technology in alternative energy, making them efficient, but at the same time, simple solutions to improve the lives of people.


Photovoltaic parks, the trend in energy production in Cluj, Romania

Chinteni and Floresti Villages will each have two photovoltaic parks. The parks from Chinteni are in the design phase, and for those in Floresti the concession of the land will be voted these days. The investment for each of the two photovoltaic parks from Chinteni is about 20 million Lei.

Investments in green energy production systems through solar panels are becoming very popular in Cluj. Local and county authorities understood that the budget can make serious savings if they have photovoltaic parks  with which they can produce energy for the institutions or for the public illumination subordinated, so they became interested in building these systems of energy production.

The first photovoltaic parks in Cluj will be conducted in Chinteni and Floresti Villages. In Chinteni two photovoltaic parks will be built, one by local authorities in partnership with a foreign investor and the other in partnership with Cluj County Council. Lucia Suciu, Chinteni Mayor, said that the two photovoltaic parks are now in the design phase and each will occupy 10 hectares. Regarding the investment made in association with the foreign partner, until now there have already been discussions with the company and depending on the time that will be necessary for achieving the documentation the works the project could even begin this summer.

The cost in energy bills will be lower.

The second photovoltaic park in Chinteni is conducted by local authorities in partnership with the County Council. Cornelia Trif, County Council representative said that at the moment works are done on the sunlight study, meaning setting the plot of land which is more suitable for producing solar energy due to its position towards the sun.

The investment value, estimated at 5 million euros, will be paid from the County Council budget. The gold of developing this parks is to reduce the cost with electricity for all the institutions subordinated to the County Council. These costs are estimated at 4 million euros annualy.

Big interest for photovoltaic parks in Floresti.

Floresti is another village which is interested to attrach investors for the development of photovoltaic parks. This is the reason why in the Local County meeting will vote for two draft resolutions regarding the concession of 22 hectares in Luna de Sus and another one of 17,5 hectares in the same location for photovoltaic parks. The two fields have a southern exposure so these are suitable for producing solar energy.

Horea Sulea, the Floresti Mayor said that in the past eight months there have been many offers to invest in photovoltaic parks, but none has yet come up with a concrete offer.

After the two photovoltaic parks will be functional, the local authorities will make 1 million lei savings on the local budget when it comes to electricity bills. The Mayor hopes the these savings will be used for other investments such as street paving.

Photovoltaic parks with „sparks” in Lomb.

Cluj Napoca City Hall had plans to achieve, in partnership with Polus Real Estate a photovoltaic park on a 190 hectares field in Lomb, on the current Tineretului housing district place. The decision of residential reconvertion project in photovoltaic park was made in 2010, but now the project can’t be realised due to legal disputes between the shareholders of Polus Real Estate.

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MoldEnergy 2013 - opening images

MoldEnergy 2013 - opening images



The 17th International Specialized Exhibition of power-saving technologies, gas-supply, heating and air conditioning systems will start tomorrow in Chisinau, Moldova. This traditional fair organized by I.E.C."MoldExpo" with Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova are very imortant for industry in the area.

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Vira Ukraine 2013 was a disappointment fair

Vira Ukraine Construction Fair that took location in Odessa, Ukraine, in the period 14 to 17 March was a disappointment. Very few companies participated, less than ever. Fair promotion was not enough.

Exhibitors have tried to offer the best solutions to their companies can present. In the present facilities was minimal. Instead dominated companies involved in interior presence who tried to attenuate  the picture of poverty fair.

Hopefully next year it will be better, as in previous years editions.

Frimu Ghinea

Apricus Partners with Greentechnic in Hungary

Apricus is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Greentechnic Hungary Kft .Since end of 2011 Apricus products have been presentated in Hungarian on the website with support from Greentechnic. Apricus is now formalising the cooperation with the confirmation of Greentechnic as the official distribution partner and regional Apricus office in Hungary.

Mihai Vintila Relationship Manager Eastern Europe:

“Together with Greentechnic Hungary Kft we will have good coverage of Hungary and I have confidence that this partnership can help Apricus to become one of the major players in the Hungarian solar thermal market.  As the sales manager for Eastern Europe, Hungary and Greentechnic Hungary Kft are a very important pieces of the Apricus presence in Europe”

CEO of Greentechnic, Mr Kiss Ernő provided some insight into why he choose Apricus:

"It was important for us, that we can cooperate with such a reliable company, who has many years of experience in the solar energy market.  We really appreciate that we can work together with a company that has such extensive experience and specialized knowledge, and we hope that on the grounds of our higher-level cooperation more home users can enjoy the benefits of the free and democratic energy, the solar energy.”



The biggest trade fair on renewable energy and energy efficiency in the euro - region Romania-Hungary-Serbia - ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA, took place for the 5th time, between the 6th-8th of March 2013, at Expo Arad International. In the same time the first edition of the PV Platform Romania, No.1 meeting point for PV experts in Romania took place.

“Romania is the most attractive country in eastern Europe regarding the renewable energy. It represents a business opportunity, both for big investors and also for local entrepreneurs with limited resources. Romanian Government encourages renewable energy production through the mandatory quota of green certificates acquisition. At this year's edition ENREG hosted over 115 exhibitors from 14 countries, 2 continents, on an exhibition space of 3000 m², that were visited by 2045 specialist. ENREG visitors quality is increasing with each edition and they represent the target groups that a specialized fair aims to reach." said Timea Szanto, Project Manager of the event.

"The trade fair represents a great opportunity for implementation, development and transnational cooperation, in an area increasingly important in the global society development plan", declared Luca Taliano - Albasolar Italy, exhibitor at ENREG.

"A  complex exhibition, firstly the number of exhibitors and their origin country. Secondly ENREG covered very well all trends and renewable energy market offer.", said Silviu Mureșan from Tehnica Instalatiilor Magazine.

The event was attended by officials from Romania and Hungary and by delegations from Hungary, Italy and Serbia. At the opening ceremony were present Radeczky JENÖ, Ministerial Commissioner for External Economic Relations, Vice- President Foreign Economic Relations Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Hungary; Adrian DIMACHE, General Secretary, Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania and Nicolae Băcanu, President, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Arad, Romania.

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HUNGAROTHERM (building engineering) and ENEO will be in this year the most important sub-exhibition's of Construma. Between 10-14 April 2013 in Hungexpo Budapest will be present manufacturing firms or distributing tools of alternative energy use.

The most sought after thematic of CONSTRUMA is for years – and more and more since the deepening of the recession – include renewables, green energy and related solutions, devices. This topic is a high priority for both the professionals and the public.

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Hungary : National DanubEnergy Project Workshop

The Sárvár HUKE Waste Treatment Ltd's business philosophy was from the beginning on - to combine traditional waste collection, and waste treatment, based on innovative recycling-technologies, to protect the environment and provide a careful use of natural resources.

With this in mind, the Sárvári Huke GmbH joined the DanubEnergy project community which is supported by the Central Europe Programme. The scientific and technological knowledge to this DanubEnergy project partnership taking advantage, the HUKE Group develops a landmark for Hungary by implementation of a processing chain called:"Green waste-waste to green energy."

This "HUKE-BioEnergia" business model provides as a main objective - significant contribution towards the security of Hungarian energy by safeguarding biomass based energy production lines in combination with an increase in efficiency use of the raw energy, with effects on the environment and climate policy objectives and improving the effectiveness of landscape management, and agro-environmental measures and last but not least - through the introduction of innovative technology and production, achievement of social policy effects through the creation of new jobs in the "high-tech" but also in the low-reward sector, in. rural areas of Hungary.

“DanubEnergy (4CE561P3) project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme co-financed by the ERDF."

Organiser: HUKE Hulladékkezelési Kft. and REECO Hungary Kft
Participation fee: free of charge

Date: 25 April 2013
Location: SYMA Event and Congress Centre, Budapest

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2nd International Solar Conference. PV development opportunities in Hungary and international experiences

2012 has brought significant changes in the Western half of Europe,regarding the market for photovoltaic (PV) systems. Due to the dynamic appearance of the Chinese solar panels and to the saturation of the developed markets, the market price of products decreased by leaps and bounds, which caused serious tensions especially in the American and Western European solar markets.

The German production facilities, who dispose a forceful capital, are looking for new markets, principally in Central and Eastern Europe. The use of technologies in the local areas with special installations is more and more coming to the fore called "smart" solutions; for instance, concerning the local storage of extracted energy or its distribution.

Hungary is still qualified as a new market in this rapidly changing situation in Europe, because considering its sunny hours it still has a significant potential. The supporting tariff system is required for a while feed in tarif, in parallel, the elaboration of the licensing and financing procedures as the guarantees are not ready yet, which originates an uncertain situation.

The 2nd Solar Conference will take place at the same time that the 7th RENEXPO® Central Europe. It will search the competent answers for these uncertainty factors, in cooperation with domestic and international solar associations. The conference deploys several international experts and industry-leading solar company's representatives, who will present the freshest trends without forgetting the real experiences.

Date: 25 April 2013.
Location: SYMA Event and Congress Centre Budapest, Hungary

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Business forum Renewable energy and environmental investments in Romania

The German-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry will organize on the 12th of April 2013 a business forum in Berlin. The main topics of the event include economic and legal aspects related to the Romanian market for renewable energy and environmental investments.

Romanian Minister of Energy Dr. Constantin Niţă and German State Secretary Stefan Kapferer of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology confirmed their participation.

Organizer: German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

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Installation Contractors 27-28 May, Bucharest

Second edition of CONTRACTOR Installation Entrepreneurs Expo and Conference is about successful contracting in installation industry.

Structure: conference and exhibition

General topics: Installation Entrepreneurship, Execution and Entrepreneurship, Water supply, sanitary and sewage installations, Gas supply installations, Electrical installations, Tehnological installations, Thermical, heating installations, Ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration installations, Fixed installations and equipments for fire safety, Projection, Consultancy and Design

Program: plenary sessions, specialized sections, thematic exhibition.

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EENVIRO 2013 Conference

Sustainable Solutions for Energy and Environment adresses to researchers, engineers and students in the fields of Energy and Environement. This is a research conference where authors can submit two types of research papers: fundamental research and applicative research. All articles will be double or triple blind reviewed. 

EENVIRO covers a wide spectrum of research subjects, including methodologies and architectures for energy efficiency, mathematical modelling, simulations, smart systems control, indoor environmental quality, and other relevant topics for the Energy and Environment fields.

This meeting offers a platform for the exchange of technical and scientific knowledge, technical solutions and experience among scientists,  engineers, architects, academia and industry,  facility managers, building owners and policy-makers in a wide range of topics related to the Energy and Environment.

19-20 September 2013, Bucharest, ROMANIA

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EurroneFinance Solar Energy 2013

At Rin Gran Hotel Bucharest, will be first interactive event in PV solar industry from Romania. Will be there companies with over 2MW projects. Today, Romanian PV market, have investment of 2.5 billion euro and at this event will be present the major payers form industry. Still now around 3000 visitors already confirmed the participations.

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Ukraine : Odesa region introducing alternative energy

About 4.6 billion UAH in capital investment will be earmarked this year for the development of alternative energy of the northwestern Black Sea (the construction of seven solar power plants in the south and north of the steppe region), a UKRINFORM reporter learned this from Odesa Regional State Administration.

"At end-2012 Odesa region ranked first among Ukrainian regions in terms of capital investment in alternative energy, where investors sent UAH 3.6 billion. This year we plan to raise another UAH 4.5-4.6 billion to the end the construction of two solar power plants located in the southern areas, and the construction of 5 new power plants in the north of the region. This will have a positive effect on the development of the region through the creation of new jobs, as well as through the proceeds from land lease," said Odesa region deputy governor Petro Hlytsov.

"I want to say that solar power has already given additional effect - about UAH 6 million in rent a year goes to the budgets of the rural councils and district councils. It is planned to increase this figure by half or two times," said the official.

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Slovenian International Conference on District Energy 2013

International Conference on District Energy 2013, which will be held in Bernardin Group Hotels & Resorts, Portorož,Slovenia on 24-26 March 2013.This year's SDDE conference will focus on legislation and legislative barriers to improving the efficiency of energy systems at all levels, from production and transmmission to distribution and consumption.

Special emphasis will be put on the use of renewable energy and new business opportunities. Some further essential issues that importantly contribute to the development of district energy include financial mechanisms and models.

The application can be done online form

Greece photovoltaic record in the first two months of 2013

In Greece in January and February 2013 have been make 350 MW connections at photovoltaic projects. This level is a surprise and an increase of 50% compared to forecasts for 2013. At the end of the 2012 the national installed capacity was 1126 MW. With the plug until the end of February reach to1476MW.

Hundreds of projects are in various stages of execution. RES deficite for special account amounted is 331.5 million euros, according to Greek media reports, and will increase to 473.62 million euros by the end of 2013.

Frimu Ghinea

Unconventional energy lab inaugurated at University of Pitesti

University of Pitesti, Romania, the Department of Environmental Engineering and Science, Faculty of Applied Engineering Sciences, led by Dr. Daniela Giosanu inaugurated on March 6, 2013 in room S301 "Unconventional energy research laboratory."

This laboratory aims at optimizing the use of unconventional energy (solar, wind, geothermal). Beneficiaries are students of the study program Environmental Engineering and Physics Engineering and Technology and students in the master program Sustainable Development.

Frimu Ghinea

Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania

The official launching event of the Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania will be held on 12 March 2013. The event will provide potential Romanian applicants and potential Norwegian partners with relevant information related to the Programme‘s focus, operation, eligibility, application process and more. The Norway Grants Green Industry Innovation Programme Romania is a business development programme meant to contribute to increase the competitiveness of green enterprises, support the “greening” of new and existing enterprises and stimulate green entrepreneurship and environmental innovation.

Time and place
From 09.00 a.m, in Bucharest, at Marshal Garden Hotel, Panoramic Conference Room, 5th Floor on Calea Dorobantilor 50B, Sector 1. Potential applicant and partners are invited to registration for participation in the launching event free of charge. Registration is accepted until 6 March 2013 and 1 representative per entity is recommended due to limited room capacity.

About the Programme
The total available amount for co-financing of project applications is EUR 21,623,200. The target group for Individual Projects are private enterprises legally established in Romania. The target group for the Small Grant Scheme are private enterprises and NGOs legally established in Romania aiming to facilitate eco-innovative business development in less developed areas in Romania.

Only Romanian entities (as specified above) are eligible applicants. However, partnership projects with a Norwegian partner are very much encouraged. Any entity (legally established in Norway) could be a partner.

All relevant documents for potential applicants and their partners will be posted on the dedicated programme web-site on the 12 March 2013. The Programme language is English.


AREL Academy / Photovoltaics - Spring Session ENREG 2013

Friday, March 8, 2013 at Expo Arad Internațional, Hall A will REECO in collaboration with AREL organises for the 3rd time the workshop: AREL Academy/Photovoltaics, on the 8th of March 2013, in order to create a meeting point for manufacturers and experts to discuss the problems of building management systems, passive houses and integration or renewable energy in buildings.

10.00 Apartment buildings with energy use close to 0
Conf. Dr. Eng.Emil NUTIU, Târgu Mureș University, President of the Association of Energy Auditors for Buildings in Romania, Transylvania Branch

1. Feasibility study for a photovoltaik park
2. Adjustable support structure: extra production or an additional expense?
3. Performing tests of a photovoltaik park
4. Photovoltaik Plants Maintenance

12.00 Break

5. Residential PV systems. Hobby or a new opportunity?
6. EPC's: Solution or brake for the investors?
7. Photovoltaik pumping systems: irringation solution
8. Network access. Legislative considerations and technological activities

15.00 End of Event

Language: Romanian

AREL - Association of Electricians Romania

Solar A/S makes profit

We saw a downturn in business activity in a number of Solar’s markets in 2012 – the Dutch market was particularly hard hit by this decline – and our earnings suffered from this. We will focus heavily on increasing profitability, emphasises Group CEO Flemming H. Tomdrup.

He is satisfied that the group’s cash flows from operating activities are up from € 48.5m in 2011 at € 61.4m in 2012.

- It is imperative that we continue to generate positive cash flow and reduce our debt, underlines Flemming H. Tomdrup.

Being a technical wholesaler, Solar offers customers electrical, heating and plumbing, and ventilation products combined with knowledge and solutions within these fields. Our solutions are everywhere from hospitals and care homes over schools and nurseries to businesses and shops.

- Granted, it does not say Solar on fixtures, sensors, cables or light switches but we still manage to leave our distinct wholesaler mark on products and solutions as they pass through our supply chain, points out Group CEO Flemming H. Tomdrup.

Solar believes that our Blue Energy concept holds great earnings potential from energy-efficient solutions for both new construction and existing property. And these days, when both great cost consciousness and focus on reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions take centre stage, consumers have both financial and environmental incentives to improve energy efficiency.

- We want to help to highlight these financial and environmental aspects and to spread the knowledge of energy efficiency improvements in general so that decision-makers really see the short payback times we operate with when optimising technical fittings, states Group CEO Flemming H. Tomdrup.

Energy-efficient products and solutions are, indeed, considered growth drivers in Solar’s strategy for 2013-2015 which aims at increasing the group’s earnings.

Exhibitors from over 10 countries will be present at the RoEnergy Bucharest 5 - 7 June 2013 Trade Fair

In 5 to 7 June 2013, the RoEnergy Trade Fair returns in Bucharest - the capital of Romania, at ROMAERO, the third edition, announcing to be an Event with strong impact on the RES industry in Romania. Investors thus are reconfirming their interest for the Romanian RES market as an response and alternative to the limitation of the European energy markets.

So far have reserved to the RoEnergy Bucharest Trade Fair 2013 companies from Germany, Italy, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, USA, China, Romania) and registrations continue, announcing to be one of the biggest Event of this kind in Romania.

To the most important Trade Fair for renewable energy in Romania, the exhibiting companies are coming from solar photovoltaic domain, bioenergy (biomass, biofuels, biogas), wind energy, hydropower, energy infrastructure, energy efficiency in buildings.

Conferences, workshops, roundtables, "renewable" awards

Parallel with the Exhibition for 3 days at ROMAERO will be a series of events organized in collaboration with professional associations, universities and companies. Solar Energy Conference in Romania: PV industry - opportunities and challenges, having as sections: How much energy can a roof produce, Photovoltaic projects - Opportunities and Challenges, Management and Energy Performance (June 5, 2013), Bioenergy (biomass, biofuels, biogas) in factories and farms - between reality and possibility (June 7, 2013), New capacity and environmental performance of energy production - the further development engine of Romania (wind energy, solar energy) (7 June 2013), Small Hydropwer Plant  2013 - problems and solutions ( June 6, 2013), etc.

Experts, RES managers, representatives of authorities, researchers and the media will have the opportunity to exchange opinions and specialized know-how.

Be part of the event!

Companies and organizations that would like to keep presentations on solar photovoltaic, bioenergy, cogeneration, wind and Hydropower can contact the organizers at
Brands who would like to be Sponsors may require information to

Climate World 2013 Moscow

International specialized exhibition "Climate World" is the most anticipated and intriguing event of the domestic HVAC & R market. The exhibition is held every year in early March, and puts together all progressive-minded representatives of HVAC & R business. Interest to participate in the "World Climate" is increasingly growing. Today it's just a time to take decision on the participation of your company in the ninth (from the year of foundation: 2005) exhibition "Climate World" to be held in March 11 – 14, 2013 at Expocentre Moscow, Russian Federation.

Specialized exhibitions are a versatile marketing tool based on the philosophy of the live human interaction. Therefore, despite the development of the Internet and online businesses, such events allow the participants to market effectively and sell products, to meet with the partners and competitors, to collect valuable information about the market and adjust its own marketing strategy, to study new equipment and even take part in law-making.

The exhibition "Climate World" is traditionally focused on several important issues. Among them are promotion of advanced equipment and technologies, advocacy of civilized forms and principles of fair competition, contribution to the sustainable development of Russian business. "Climate World" offers to the manufacturers the shortest way to the market, to the government agencies and business the ability to respond quickly to any challenges of the climate and refrigeration market, including the most complex ones.

Emotion-free statistics show each year the steadily-growing popularity of the event. Thus, in 2010 the exhibition "Climate World" had the exposition area of 15,800 m2, 240 leading climate and refrigeration companies from 23 countries were represented; 15,200 people visited the exhibition. In 2012, more than 350 leading companies from 26 countries took part in the exhibition, they were placed on 24,000 m2 of exhibition space, number of visitors approached to 25,000 professionals!

The partners of the exhibition are the largest organizations of the industry: non-commercial self-regulating organizations SRO NP "ISZS-Montazsh" and SRO NP "ISZS-Proyekt", non-commercial partnership "ABOK North-West." The project "Climate World" is supported by the National Association of Builders (NOSTROY), National Association of Designers (NOP), National Association of Self-Regulating Organizations in the Energy Audit (NOE), Centre for International Industrial Cooperation UNIDO in the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation and many other organizations. In 2012, the exhibition "Climate World" got the status of «UFI Approved Event», it means that importance of the exhibition is recognized by the world exhibition community.

Bulgaria: Price of current decrease with 8% after street manifestation

Yuliana Ivanova head of the Regulatory Authority for Energy and Water of Bulgaria announce decrease of the price of current with 8% after street manifestation from the last weeks.

Referring to the amendments to the Energy Law adopted , according to which, the Regulatory Authority may revise the pricing more than once per year, Mrs Ivanova said that the service establish working groups, which will analyze the information from energy companies to calculate the percentage reduction in the price of electricity.

The amendments to the Energy Act were published in a special issue of the Official Gazette of Bulgaria, a development that allows the regulator to start immediately the process of reducing the price of electricity.

All this problems was started after growing of 10% of current price was make to help companies in green energy in Bulgaria. This mistake became a governmental problem after mass manifestation in all country.

Frimu Ghinea

APRICUS: a 12% share on the vacuum solar market in Romania

Mihai Vintila - Apricus Europe
Apricus Eastern Europe Office, with the headquarter in Silistea (Braila County) is the regional office of Apricus Solar, founded in 2003 in Australia, a company which became rapidly one of the world solar market leaders when it comes to solar thermal energy. „For Apricus Solar, last year was a period for extensive growing, especially in acceding on several markets from Eastern Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. Globally, the annual sales of vacuum solar panels and other special systems (representing the so-called thermal solar field) are valued at several bilion dollars, of which in the European Union and Switzerland specialized companies have an average turnover of 2,6 bilion euros and employs 32,000 professionals, as shown by the data of European Solar Thermal Industry Federation (ESTIF).

According to this organization, in Romania the vacuum tube solar market amounted to 7,000 sqm of new vacuum collectors installed in 2011 and, according to our estimates, in the last year the deliveries on these sistems totaled an area of over 7,300 sqm. Also, the ESTIF experts shows that the overall level of solar thermal panels operating in our country was around 105,200 sqm in 2011, comparable to that from Bulgaria, Slovacia, Slovenia...” said Mihai Vintila, Relationship Manager for Eastern Europe of Apricus”.

Describing the work of the regional office, the company official also pointed out that through the local distributor, Cyclon Tech, the sales in Romania increased in 2012 compared with the previous 12 months, thanks to the participation to complex projects. „Taking into consideration the optimal dinamic of the orders, we predict that on a national scale we hold a share of 12% of the specific market and we intend to increase this share in 2013. The most required Apricus systems installed combine solar energy with conventional power systems (based on natural gas or wood), the main investment objectives are distinguishing themselves boths in industrial as well as in the home use. For the current year we plan to enter new markets  and launch innovative products as key elements of our business. We have at our disposal the Apricus Solar expertise which last year achieved deliveries worth 20 million USD (without taking into consideration the sales of the subsidiaries from US and Australia).

The main products sold in 2012 were the evacuated tube panels with 10, 20 and 30 tubes. The most successful model was AP30 (panel with 30 tubes), owning over 50% of sales. Among the most dynamic markets of Eastern Europe we remark especially Poland, Hungary and Romania – in Romania the south eastern area having an outstanding contribution in terms of number of contracts and orders. With two factories in China and USA, Apricus Solar develops a new investment of over two million dollars in a new facility, the works being already initiated and aiming the installation of equipment to manufacture flat solar panels.

Also in 2013 we will provide to the customers new innovative models of solar pumping units, air-water heat pumps, boilers and various types of connections. We have also created new waterproof structures which optionally can replace the classic stainless steel structures.

Reffering to the prospects of the local market on a short and medium term, everything depends on the continuation of the „Green House” program, coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change which is financed by the Environment Found where the state reimburses the amount of 6,000 lei the the beneficiaries that installs heating systems using renewable energy. Without this incentive – or if the financial allocations will be insufficient – the sales of the companies in this industry will decrease accordingly” concluded Mihai Vintila.

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Source : Agenda Constructiilor

Europe Global solar horizontal irradiation

Europe Global solar horizontal irradiation

Source: SolarGIS © 2012 GeoModel Solar s.r.o


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