Green Energy - Who-is-who in Croatia in 2013 - new catalog

After last year's success the Croation's largest catalog companies and traders dealing in renewable energy and energy efficiency is ready. This is the place where you present all companies operating in the field of 'green energy' in Croatia and beyond.

A large catalog of Green Energy - Who-is-who in Croatia in 2013. Catalog B5 format is printed in 10,000 copies. It contains useful information and tips, a list of relevant laws and a list of all relevant events in 2013./2014. year, and other useful information.


- at numerous trade shows and conferences and other events in the 2013th, such as Zagreb Energy Week, Interklima, Energy and Ekotehno - Zagreb Fair, SASO - Split, Cro Eco Energy Expo

- Director / Manager of the company - sending direct mail to more than 1,000 addresses from your own database

- send mail to all members of the network on request   

- download in PDF format



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