FOREN 2014 - WEC Central and Eastern Europe Regional Energy Forum 12th Edition

The 12th WEC Central & Eastern Europe Energy Forum (FOREN 2014) with the theme “Tommorow’s Energy: From Vision to Reality”, will take place in Romania, during 15-19 June 2014. The event will focus on the main challenges, developments and opportunities of the CEE power industry for a sustainable development.

Organized every two years, under the auspices of the World Energy Council (WEC), FOREN is already being
recognized as the most important multi-energy event in Central and Eastern Europe, gathering more than 1000 participants. Besides WEC/ RNC members, the Forum attracts top officials from ministers, governments, academia, energy leaders from European international companies, experts in energy and environment issues, representatives of mass-media.

Bucharest, Palace of Parliament
Unirii Hall
22-26 June 2014

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After the succes from 2013, the largest meeting prosumer energy sector in Poland will be hold in Racibórz, 12-13 June 2014.

This year organizer are Institute for Renewable Energy and the forum will be hold in cooperation with the City of Racibórz and Raciborska Chamber of Commerce.

Discussion will be about : microgeneration and distributed energy resources: solar, photovoltaic systems and biomass boilers.

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V Conference - Gas in the Energy Industry - technology, implementation of investment financing.

The V Conference "Gas in Power - technologies,implementation of the project, funding" will be held on  29 -30  May 2014  in Zielona Gora, Poland.
( DANA Hotel , Al. Polish Army 79, 65-762 Zielona Góra).

The conference will be moderated by prof. dr. Eng. Marian Miłek, University of Zielona Góra, State Higher Vocational School hetero .

The aim of the conference is to present the following topics: gas - biodiesel for the energy and heat, the advantages of building blocks based on the gas, the available technologies produce electricity and heat from the gas, the experience of enterprises in the implementation of "gas", technical and economic aspects the development of this type of investment, etc.

The conference is addressed to the technical staff and experts of heating energy companies and industrial plants, companies offering technologies and interested institutions, organizations, municipalities, and technical schools.

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Poland : XIV International Scientific and Technical Conference - Forum of Power Engineers GRE 2014

On 16-18 June 2014 in Szczyrk ( Congress Centre and Recreation "Eagle's Nest" ) will be held X IV  International  Scientific and Technical Conference - GRE Power Engineers Forum in 2014.

The main objective of the Conference is to share experiences of industry and science, to present the achievements and developments of energy, promotion of opportunities for learning, life with particular emphasis on the progress in the construction and operation of energy systems and the presentation of achievements of scientific research and implementation resulting in four research tasks carried out in the under the Strategic Programme for Research and Development entitled : "Advanced technologies for energy".

Research task No. 1
Development of technology for highly efficient "zero-emission" coal-fired units with integrated capture CO 2 from flue gas (consortium leader - Silesian University of Technology); Prof. Tadeusz Chmielniak,

Research Task No. 2
Development of oxygen combustion technology for pulverized coal boilers and fluidized integrated with capture of CO 2 (the leader of the consortium - Czestochowa University of Technology); Prof. Wojciech Nowak

Research Task No. 3
Development of coal gasification technology for highly efficient production of fuels and electricity (the leader of the consortium - University of Mining and Metallurgy. St. Staszic); prof. nzw. Andrew Strugała

Research Task No. 4
Development of integrated technology of fuels and energy from biomass, agricultural waste and other (leader of the consortium - Institute of Turbomachinery them. Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences). Prof. John Kicinski.

Purposeful is to coordinate the activities carried out in the Operational Programme Innovative Economy , in particular, with the theme of "pre-drying lignite for energy purposes" (the leader of the consortium - Wroclaw University of Technology); Prof. nzw. Pawlak Halina-Kruczek.

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Apricus in AQUATHERM Kyiv 2014

The 16th International exhibition of AQUATHERM Kyiv run from 13 to 16 May at the Kyiv IEC. Organised by Premier Expo and ITE Group Plc. The 2014 edition has brought together 372 companies from 20 countries.

One of the most interesting booth was Apricus. There was show Apricus AP30 vaccum tube.  At the booth information about Apricus technology and products was offered by Неотепло OOO, Apricus Distributor in Ukraine.

"Is important to show Apricus products and to tell to customers our view about solar thermal industry. This fair make more visible Apricus presence in Ukraine and I need to thank you to Vitaliy Kovalskiy for that." say, in exclusivity for InfoSolar, Mihai Vintila Apricus Eastern Europe Relationship Manager.

Apricus is a leading designer and manufacturer of solar hot water and hydronic heating products. Is a global company with offices in US, Australia, Romania, Germany and China.

For more information about Apricus can visit and for more information about Apricus Ukraine can visit .

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Romania : Green House program restart

Attila KORODI , Minister of Environment and Climate Change , held on May 20 press conference which focused on presenting the current state of CASA VERDE Program and other programs run by the MMSC and the Environment Fund Administration.

We present further supported by the Minister Attila KORODI speech at the conference :

"Hello, welcome !
Since taking this office have announced that one of my priorities is to unlock and complete certain programs run by the Ministry of Environment which for various reasons is currently blocked in certain phases.

In such a situation there is and Casa Verde program , we will talk about today . As some of you probably remember , I even launched the program at the end of 2008 , in my first term as Minister of the Environment. It is a program that take a lot and enjoyed , at that time an important support from the authorities , civil society and public opinion .

So in session for applications open from 1 June to 15 July 2011 were submitted a total of 23 938 cases . Of these 14 162 cases were analyzed and 9,776 are still under analysis. I decided to be urgently reviewed these cases .

Right now , the analysis and evaluation of dossiers submitted menus in order of their arrival at the Environmental Fund Administration , from local environmental agencies .

Lists of approved projects and those rejected will be displayed on the AFM website under Funding Guide . I can tell you that the files reviewed , 11 509 were accepted and 2,653 were rejected.

Thus, for 5,674 beneficiaries, contracts were signed in 2011 and 2012 , and are currently being paid. Of these, so far have been settled a number of claims in 5347 totaling 32.2 million. For the rest of 5835 beneficiaries, contracts will be signed from this week . All applicants will be contacted by the authorities of the territory, in order to contract .

That means that Casa Verde program in progress , this year will shrink funding for 13,000 citizens.

As stated in the rules , the grant agreement enters into force upon its signature by the Parties and is valid until the end of the project , but no later than 12 months from the date of signature. Our goal is that a large number of beneficiaries to obtain financing . We are aware that due to the large amount of time the program has stalled, there will be some discrepancies .

Therefore, we will certainly encounter all too many cases where the initial project will not meet the needs of beneficiaries , market or technological solutions .

All those who wish to modify or re-size project we will provide this capability. Each case will be treated individually , so each installed system efficiency is maximized.

We're talking about a program that , in addition to the clear benefits of environmental protection and reduce heat consumption brings a certain advantage directly into the pocket beneficiaries translated cuts heating bill .

When launching the program in 2008 , talking about a savings of up to 30% on heating and 60 % warm water beneficiaries . Today, given that the available technologies are more efficient , the cost savings will certainly be higher.

Regarding the future of Casa Verde program , my desire is clear that this program continue. Once we complete all the files in the analysis, we will decide when we will launch a new call for proposals . I can not yet tell you with certainty that we have a new call this year or next year talk . This depends on the programming of ongoing funding , and the rate of earnings from the Environment Fund. The fact is that the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change , the Environment Fund has the resources to finance investments to benefit the environment and citizens. In this context we refer to other types of projects , such as those for the construction of environmental infrastructure : water supply network and sewage treatment plants .

At present , we have 177 projects ongoing water and sanitation throughout Romania , in various stages of implementation. The total value of these projects is approximately one billion lei , of which 305 million 2014 budget is the amount of water and sewage projects under way .

In addition, this year we have the ability , through a loan commitment of £ 300 million to the fund still about 70 new such investments. These projects are particularly important because they have a double effect: the highest degree of quality of life in communities and contribute to their development , creating jobs - some of them stimulate and increase the number of jobs "green" .

Moreover , Romania's target , agreed with the European Commission regarding the percentage of water and sewerage connection to Romanian households need to approach one hundred percent.

As I said, our goal is to complete all projects in progress. Therefore I appeal to the beneficiaries , local authorities , to comply with the procedures and submit as quickly to new requests for drawing . I will personally ensure that they are resolved quickly and delays will not be tolerated .

Regarding new projects already under development have a medium-term strategy on projects to finance the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change , the Environment Fund Administration . We perform analyzes and studies on which to identify the exact needs of the local communities have, so that we can propose projects with a positive impact on a large number of citizens . "

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Energycon 2014

The third edition of IEEE EnergyCon was organized by IEEE Croatia Section and University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing. Between 13 and 16 May discussion and presentations was holded in Dubrovnik.

1. Future Power and Energy Systems
2. Low Carbon Distributed Energy Systems
3. Sustainable Transportation Systems
4. Advances in Energy Conversion
5. ICT in Energy
6. The Future of Gas in Power Sector

Overview and details of the sessions of conference can get on link

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Romanian Energy Annual Report 2014

The Energy Annual Report includes information about growth of the oil business, the  current and potential trend of the natural gas market and the surprise of electricity imports.

What happens on the energy exchange, which counties attracted most money for wind or solar power investments and how the green power scheme can be designed so as to distinguish those who use locally sourced components, these are the questions answered in the report.

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AQUATHERM Kyiv 2014: 1st day 7% more visitors than a year ago

On the 1st day of AQUATHERM Kyiv (AQT Kyiv) 2014, 5,561 professionals from the HVAC industry visited the show - a 7% increase on last years' visitor numbers. The results confirm the Ukrainian markets growth in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, plumbing and swimming pool industries.

Due to this growth, the Premier Expo team expects an increase (year on year) in the total visitor numbers by the end of the exhibition. Factors such as the AQT Kyiv business programme and a range of new exhibition services have also contributed to the growth of the AQT Kyiv professional visitors.

Since the show opened on Tuesday (13th May) more than 120 dealers and installers from Lviv and Kharkiv have visited the exhibition brought to Kyiv on special buses through the  AQUATHERM Shuttle programme.

At this years event, navigation through the exhibition has been made easier for visiting professionals through improved signage. Stands of companies displaying new products will be marked by a special sign stating “New” on the floor by their stand as well as in the show catalogue and route planner. There are over 200 new products being launched in total.

During the exhibition over 1000 technical directors are expected to visit due to the 'Industrial Sector Programme.' They represent almost all sectors of the economy, from agri-business and retail to metallurgy and machine-building. 237 regional companies have registered in the Dealer programme and are looking to find new suppliers and partners.

The 16th International exhibition of AQUATHERM Kyiv will run from 13 to 16 May at the Kyiv IEC. Organised by Premier Expo and ITE Group Plc. The 2014 edition has brought together 372 companies from 20 countries- 16% are first-time exhibitors.

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skytron® energy’s new power-efficient combiner box at Intersolar Europe 2014

The new ArrayGuard® CP combiner boxes have been designed to meet the demand for highly power-efficient BOS components in utility-scale photovoltaic installations.

Berlin-based skytron® energy is a renowned supplier of high quality monitoring, control and supervision systems to the renewable energy sector. Its product range includes the well-established ArrayGuard® combiner-box series for PV systems, first launched in 2006.

This 1000 VDC component family has now been expanded to include a redesigned smart combiner box for utility-scale PV applications. Its neatly arranged interior layout and compact light-weight design makes the new ArrayGuard® CP model particularly efficient with respect to power dissipation. This in turn ensures reliable operation even at outdoor operation temperatures from -40 to +50 degrees centigrade and altitudes of up to 4000m above mean sea level. The new ArrayGuard® CP models offer an outstanding price/performance ratio whilst preserving the reliability that this product’s reputation has been built upon.

The ArrayGuard® CP compact model comes with the essential measurement, switching and protection functions fully integrated at no additional cost.

-Efficient DC connection of up to 24 strings
-Operational safety provided by integrated DC load disconnector
-Real-time string current monitoring at 100 ms scan intervals and acquisition of 1-minute mean values, using reliable shunt measurement techniques with high temperature-stable measurement precision of 0.5%
-Reliable string protection provided by gPV plug-in fuses for both PV+ and PV-
-Adaptable surge protection, using Combi Type 1+2 to handle direct strike currents, or Type 2 to handle indirect strike currents, compliant with local lightning protection standards
-Industry-standard data communication based on CAN fieldbus technology
-Fully integrated monitoring of all critical conditions: tripping of surge protector, on/off status of DC isolator switch, cabinet temperature
-Low cost operation ensured by efficient power management with 24 V dc supply over CAN bus and low power consumption at 1.5 W max.
-Optimised cabinet layout providing efficient heat dissipation and prevention of condensation in humid climates
-Long service life outdoors ensured by rugged cabinet design using UV-resistant polyester material
-Straightforward installation, DC connection and maintenance provided by optimised mounting kit, clear terminal fixings, and easily replaceable plug-in string fuses
-Spacious allowance for flexible connection of DC main cables, suitable for large cable cross-sections and different connection methods, e.g. lugs, box terminals, double dc main cables

skytron energy’s expanded ArrayGuard® combiner series is highly adaptable to accommodate additional functions such as remote OFF for additional fire safety on rooftop installations, external DC isolator switch mounted on the front panel, 1500VDC operation or 32 string inputs, UL certification for the US market.

“Offering highest reliability for a motivating price, ArrayGuard® CP will not only have a positive effect on general BOS costs, but will particularly benefit solar projects in tough-temperature and high-altitude zones”, declares Torsten Schlaaff, the company’s Head of Hardware R & D. “Displayed in our PVGuard® supervision platform, intelligent ArrayGuard® combiner boxes facilitate high-resolution analysis of string and plant performance and thorough plant diagnostics, which after all is vital for efficient O&M work, maximum plant uptime and optimum yield”.

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Seminar : Investment opportunities and subventions in Romania 2014 -2020

Organized by the Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber ( CIBR), Belgian and Romanian associations and confederations from agro and fresh and processed food sector, infrastructure and economy (industrial companies).

The seminar is a platform for debate on the most suitable means of cooperation between Belgium and Romania in the agro and food, infrastructure, transport, transport companies, and industrial sectors, with special focus on European funding for the period 2014-2020  in the  these sectors.

13.45 Registration of participants
14.00 Introduction by the moderator of the seminar: Mr.Freddy Jacobs, president of CIBR
14.05 Opening speech - His Excellency Mr. Stefan Tinca, Ambassador of Romania to Belgium

First Session: Overview of the sectors 2014 - 2020

14.15 The Partnership agreement between the Romanian authorities and European Commission for the 2014-2020 period – speaker from Ministry of European Funds or/ European Commission

14.35 Investment opportunities from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development to support the agro and food sectors- Mrs. Roxana Gradinariu  permanent representation of Romania to the EU

14.55 European Structural and Investment Funds for infrastructure development projects , Benoit Nadler from  European Commission DG Regio

15.15 Short overview of the funding programs, Mr. Daniel Rata, owner, Addvances

15.45 Practical aspects for subventions for industrial companies, agro and fresh and processed food sector: Mr. Freddy M.E. Jacobs, president Belgian Romanian Real Estate Chamber – CIBR

16.00 Coffee Break

Second session: Vernissage and networking with a surprise VIP presence

16.15 Presentation of some fine artworks and artists :

Marian Sava, Romanian artist, sculptures in white and black marble
Bébé, Romanian artist – symbolism and surrealism, bronze sculptures
Jaco, Belgian artist, surrealism acrylic paintings

16.45  B2B meetings and cocktail.
Some classical chamber music brought by Juan Lopez and Zhaina Kydyrova

The workshop is free of charge.
For registration contact Mr. Freddy Jacobs by e-mail: or by
fax +329/3295951

First Solar Power Station on the Elementary School in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Guided by the fact that the sun is the source of life and the children are our future , we decided to connect these two. We made the first solar - photovoltaic power plant on the elementary school in Sarajevo.This is the first project of this type in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The preparatory work as well as the setting up the construction is done by the youngest - students of the primary school " Mesa Selimovic " .

Through the work on this power plant children had the opportunity to learn all about solar installations . Now they know how to prepare a roof for the installation, what are the photovoltaic modules, how people can generate electricity and hot water , but in a natural and environmentally way.

The school is located in an urban type of the Sarajevo , in the central neighborhood of the city of Sarajevo , and residents from the surrounding residential buildings had the opportunity to follow the work of the installations of the plant and they left so many positive comments about this job on their Facebook profile. Confirmation of positive views on the project is the fact that they are interested to be involved in works related to the renewable energy sources.

Installed power plant on the roof of this school is of 23kW. Beside that, in the school is set hybrid boiler which provides hot water. Here is how the system works:  when the boiler is filled with hot water , then solar panels provide electricity for the school building , installed capacity of 2kW , with a possibility of extension to higher capacities up to 100 % of energy needs the school building.The total investment for the installation of solar plant on the school building was 100,000 BAM, and it is estimated that the plant will annually make a profit of 20,000 BAM. The capacity of this plant is 25 kW , of which two will be used for the needs of school. The rest will be directed to a Power supply network which  is sufficient for approximately 20 households.

Zlatko Petrovic - Minister of Physical Planning and Environment Protect of Canton Sarajevo, believes that the state needs to stimulate renewable energy sources.

Alem Kukić, Director of Elementary School " Mesa Selimovic " noted that the school should get the new eaves , in order to have double lower electricity bill .  We are hoping that some organizations will help us to help school and childrens by fixing their eaves.

The project was completed last month and the plant is officially put into operation on the 25.4.2014. and now the students know more about solar energy , and what is more important they use it for their own purposes .

The state in which I live is quite behind the rest of the world. People are afraid to try new things.I wanted to show them that nature is the greatest friend of mankind, through the sun and water. I've reached the  goal despite obstacles . In one undeveloped country , I have developed an awareness of solar energy , the production of electricity in an environmentally and natural way.

People have realized this project as a positive . To this end, I cite the fact that I was, in a short period of time after the implementation of this project , contacted by many other schools who liked this idea  and would like to run the same project on their properties and thus provide some energy for their own needs and spend a clean solar energy.

Students are quite educated in this field , and with projects installed in their facilities have the opportunity every day to improve and expand their knowledge . We gave one module to Facuty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, so now we have volunteers from the university , students who want their knowledge gained in the cabinet to expand by working directly on projects that the company is developing in the future.

The next goal is to expand the plant on this  school to reach a hundred percent savings. The plan of the company is to expand identical projects on other school facilities because we are the only company in Bosnia and Herzegovina which launched this initiative and we want to take advantage of the following projects because we believe that they will be easier to implement since we first realized this positively.

In the end the message: You have to take risks if you're sure it's the right decision. You can not discover new lands, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. If you believe in yourself and what you do, and you are persistent enough in your work, the goal is guaranteed.

Team EKO-SAN d.o.o. Sarajevo

Official firm site :

Video about the project:

EKO-SAN d.o.o. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Winners of the Energy Globe Award 2014 for BIH.

Mustakbal clean tech and Phoenix Solar grid connect Jordan's largest PV plant

Mustakbal Clean Tech (“Mustakbal”), Jordan’s leading PV installer has completed a 1.028MWp solar photovoltaic (“PV”) plant at the Ma’an Development Area in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in parternship with Phoenix Solar, Singapore.

The solar PV plant is located within the Residential Community adjacent to the King Hussein University, one of the clusters of the Ma’an Development Area and is owned by the Ma’an Development Company (“MDC”), responsible for the development of this special economic zone.
The PV plant will generate approximately 2’000MWh of electricity annually, to meet 100% of the student dormitory's power consumption, turning the Residential Community into Jordan's first zero-energy dormitory and an excellent showcase for PV technology.

The project, the first MW-scale PV project in Jordan, was completed within schedule and with no disruption to student life at the Residential Community.

“The installation was completed and commissioned on time, and within the highest standards thanks to the outstanding support and partnership with MDC (the owner), The National Energy Research Centre (the project consultant), and our suppliers and implementation partners that were instrumental to the project success resulting in a high quality installation. We are proud to be the first utility scale installer in Jordan”, said Ala Qubain, CEO of Mustakbal

MDC will benefit from the net-metering regulations introduced through the Jordanian net metering renewable energy law. This will reduce its electricity bills from day one and will result in a payback time of 3 years; showing the clear economic benefits of solar PV in a country with high electricity prices and excellent solar resources.

Visegrád Group + 3 discuss about environment

The agenda were the areas of air quality, biodiversity and climate change. Discussions were held in the context of EU-level is preparation and discussion of important legislative proposals in the areas mentioned .

EU member states which are part of the extended Visegrad format agreed on some common elements that are supported in the preparation of these legislative proposals. Air quality package adopted in December 2013 by the European Commission Council is in discussion .

"Knowledge and regulating quantities of substances emitted into the atmosphere are  fundamental in the development of environmental policies . Therefore , Romania supports the efforts of the EU, which will allow further progress in achieving long-term protection of the atmosphere and in ensuring clean air "said Romanian Minister Korodi showing that Romania can support setting emission ceilings for 2030 , but they should be less restrictive and reflect the economic possibilities of each Member State.

The ministers present agreed that V4 + countries to take joint measures to ensure that
Emission limit values ​​for combustion plants of medium size (1-50 MW) are determined in a way that does not impose undue administrative burdens and costs.

Discussions focused on the biodiversity Regulation of European Parliament and of the Council amending Directive 2001/18/EC , the possibility for Member States to restrict or prohibit the cultivation Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in their territory.

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Faces Challenges and Supports Clean Energy in 2014

RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE the biggest and most important event on renewable energy and energy efficiency in Romania comes back in 2014 with the 7th edition between the 19th - 21st of November at the Palace Hall in Bucharest.

The event created tradition for over 7 years in Romania and offers the best platform for successful business in terms of trade fair, conferences and side events. RENEXPO® SOLAR, RENEXPO® WIND, RENEXPO® HYDROPOWER, RENEXPO® BIO&CO and RENEXPO® ENERGY EFFICIENCY will bring again for three days under the same roof experts and key persons in the sector.

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Seven European countries discuss about environmental

Between 7-8 May will be held the 20th meeting of Environment Ministers belonging to the Visegrád Group. The event is organized in Hungary. In the event are invited to participate ministers of Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania in addition to the member states Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary.

The agenda topics are aimed at new European policy framework for Climate Change and Energy 2030, the mechanism of increasing the level of ambition of emission reduction commitments for greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol commitments and package "Clean Air for Europe".

The meeting will adopt a Joint Declaration of the Ministers of Environment attended the meeting, which will contain findings and ideas of the most important results during the event.

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Poland : V-th Conference "Investments in Power and Industry - New Technologies for the Environment"

The V-th Conference "Investments in Power and Industry - New Technologies for the Environment" will be held on 30 September - 1 October 2014 in the Exhibition and Congress Centre in Opole, Poland.

The Conference will provide simultaneous translation (English language) .

Partner : PGE Mining and Conventional Power SA -
Organizer : Publisher"New Energy" - www.nowa -

To participate in the Conference invites representatives of management and engineering investments for energy companies , heating and industrial , environmental specialists , technology and monitoring of emissions , companies offering technologies and interested institutions, organizations, local governments and technical universities .

The aim of the Conference is to present , among others, aspects: the Polish energy security and the existing and planned investments in the Polish power industry ; Climate package - the formal requirements - economics - social responsibility of business ; Polish position in terms of the level of technology used in power plants and European standards ; modern technology - commercial and pre-commercial technologies , production efficiency , lifetime devices , and innovative technologies are good for everything?

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