Romania: 3.5% less to electricity price

Residential customers will pay from January 1-th, 2016 with 3.5% less to electricity price , said Wednesday the president of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) Havrileţ Niculae, in a meeting with the press. The decision was taken in the regulatory committee, which was held on Wednesday.
"I decided a reduction of 3.5% from 1 January to final invoice. Prices distribution decreased by 12% on average, but the share of green certificates from 35 lei (7.77 euro ) to 43 lei lei (9.55 euro )" said Havrileţ.

The share of green certificates to households increased bill after several energy-intensive companies have been exempted from the payment of part of green certificates.
"If it had not increased its certified final bill would be reduced by 5.5%," added Havrileţ.
Mihai Vintila

First Campus HUB with renewable energy in Romania

One year after the experience of international competition Solar Decathlon Europe, the team which represented Romania, EFdeN working intensively on CampusHUB, located in the Technical University of Civil Engineering (BVD. Pache Protopopescu, nr. 66) - the first open space in Bucharest where electricity and Internet is free.

Frimu Ghinea

Availon achieves 98%+ availability on US wind sites under its care

Availon, the leading multi-brand independent service provider for wind turbines, announced today that the company managed to keep the US wind farms it has under O&M contracts at historical levels of availability.  The most challenging site, whose name remains undisclosed, is now continuously running at above 98.4% availability whereas other less challenging wind farms enjoy availability levels between 99.4 % and 99.8%.

Availon was able to achieve the highest contractual availability, which the sites has ever seen, a remarkable performance considering that the age of the turbines is increasing. With downtime brought down at a near zero, Availon’s customers are able to maximize revenue yields.

“We are extremely proud of those results. When your business is to harness the wind, it’s vital to keep your turbines online. Our very name, which comes from “Availability ON”, underpins our mission to reach the highest availability and lowest component failure rate to drive peak profitability of the wind farm assets under our care,” commented Ulrich Schomakers, CEO, Availon Inc.

Availon’s European partners are already familiar with the company’s high level of experience and continuous optimization initiatives. Clients are attracted by the unique blend of local solutions and global expertise Availon provides. Now, customers in North America are seeing the same benefits on their projects.

“We’re excited to offer our services to more customers in North America,” said Schomakers, who noted that Availon has its U.S. headquarters in Grimes, Iowa, along with another office in Texas. “Being located in the heart of America’s leading wind energy areas keeps us close to our customers. We deliver the wow factor. That’s why more and more US owners trust their service needs to our expanding American business. We have built up the organization and are now ready to take the next steps to significantly grow our O&M global business in the next years.”

With more than 20 years in the wind energy business, Availon has become the leading service provider in a number of European countries, from Germany to Italy. With 400 employees worldwide, Availon focuses on wind energy technology from GE, Vestas®, and Gamesa equipment. The company has more than 1,700 turbines under contract, representing over 2,600 megawatts of installed power. Approximately 10% of this business is located in the United States.

Availon’s team helps clients manage costs by minimizing unscheduled maintenance, preventing turbine failure and optimizing turbine performance. Thanks to its global supply chain, Availon can supply components with short delivery times. This contributes to reduced return-to-service (RTS) times and greater productivity.

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SE Europe Needs Sustainable Energy and Urban Solutions

Never before the environment, energy and smart cities topics haven’t been so close connected as today. The European Union will continue to play a leading role for low-carbon global economy and the conclusions of the World Climate Summit 2015 certainly will affect the future development.

Today’s cities and energy systems are responsible for 75 percent of global CO2 emissions and they are extremely changing under the influence of innovations. Numerous events happen across the world, which help business to introduce new resource efficient and clean energy solutions and connect key industry players. One of them are EE & RE (energy efficiency & renewables) and Smart Cities Exhibitions and Conferences (5-7 April 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria). A focus is South-East Europe – a Region with a fossil-fuel based economy strongly dependent on import, with high energy intensity and good renewable energy production potential. These factors together with opportunities provided by the Programing period 2014-2020 attract foreign companies to the regional market.    

The organizer Via Expo is expecting strong international presence at the event in 2016 (exhibitors from 12 countries took part in 2015). An Italian Group participation and Austrian Pavilion have been already confirmed.

Bioenergy is one of the highlights of EE & RE 2016 due to the well-developed agriculture, forestry and wood industry and bio waste availabilities. Biogas plants are also the best option to avoid the upcoming sanctions to be imposed from 1.01.2016 in connection with EU legislation for methane emissions reduction and responsibility for climate change. Till now leading companies from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Denmark and Italy confirmed their participation and will showcase biogas plants, turnkey biomass combustion plants for combined heat and power generation, wood pellets and waste-to-energy systems. Among the exhibits will be cogeneration technologies, photovoltaics, small wind turbines and inverters, geothermal heat pumps. A new range of ultra-fast MPPT suitable for small and large PV installations and battery chargers will catch the visitors’ interest.

Sustainable City Environment and Mobility, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for Smart Cities are the scopes of Smart Cities.

Speakers from European organizations will provide attendees first-hand knowledge on important topics: District Heating, Insulation Innovations, Bioenergy, Challenges for Future Cities, Planning Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Mobility, Energy Efficiency in Smart Cities, etc.

For the first time the Conference puts an accent on geothermal energy and Dr. Juliet Newson, President of the International Geothermal Association (IGA) will speak about tendencies, best practices and supporting schemes.

Invited experts from Euroheat & Power, PU Europe, Buildings Performance Institute Europe, Architects’ Council of Europe, Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria, Innovation Norway, Covenant of Mayors, Calypso Networks Association, etc. will also take part in the SEE Conferences.

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Bosch reduces energy consumption

Bosch is making progress when it comes to climate protection. Since 2007, the company has succeeded in reducing relative CO2 emissions related to value-added by more than 20 percent thanks to various energy-saving measures, such as the use of eco-friendly technologies in manufacturing and the installation of efficient heating technology in buildings. “The conservation of resources and reduction of CO2 emissions are a part of our social responsibility as business people. By using intelligent energy-saving technology, industry can make a significant contribution to climate protection,” said Dr. Werner Struth, the Bosch board of management member responsible for environmental protection. The measures aimed at saving energy are set to be expanded in the future. However, energy efficiency not only benefits the environment and society, but is also a key factor for companies in achieving a competitive edge, according to Struth. For Bosch, the lower energy consumption is already paying off financially. Between 2007 and 2014 alone, the company saved around 530 million euros in energy costs through in-house measures.

CO2 coordinators analyze energy consumption
Bosch has implemented many projects aimed at supplying itself with renewable energy. Today, a modern hydroelectric facility supplies the company’s plant in Blaichach, Germany, for example. The location generates around three-quarters of the energy it needs itself. At various Bosch locations, specially trained CO2 coordinators are also searching for ways to save energy. These experts and their teams analyze the energy consumption of production facilities, for example. The information gained makes it possible to reduce the consumption of electricity and heat by switching off power consumers that are not currently needed, to name one method. Bosch also provides many of its solutions for more energy efficiency to industrial customers, who can achieve energy savings of up to 30 percent.

A few examples of how Bosch is saving energy:

Corporate research in Renningen, Germany: green roofs for climate control and photovoltaic arrays. The company’s new research campus in Renningen features green roofs. Like a sponge, they absorb rainwater, which they release in small quantities during dry periods. Having the sun shine on the green surfaces rather than directly on the roofs saves energy on climate control systems within the buildings. To save even more power, all the windows of the main building have been triple-glazed. The building is also equipped with a sun-shade system that automatically lowers itself in bright sunlight. This combination cuts energy consumption by 20 to 30 percent – energy that the air-conditioning system would otherwise have needed for cooling. In addition, the photovoltaic arrays on the roofs of the campus buildings generate as much electricity as around 100 families use in a year, thus reducing CO2 emissions by 200 metric tons annually.

Beringen, Switzerland: thermal groundwater use
At the Packaging Technology location in Beringen, Switzerland, a modern building is heated with the help of a subterranean groundwater basin. In this system, pumps extract up to 2,000 liters of groundwater a minute from a depth of 40 meters. They transport it to two heat pumps that generate heating energy by way of energy conversion. In summer, it is possible to cool the building directly by using the groundwater, as its temperature of around twelve degrees Celsius is significantly cooler than the temperature inside the building. To make this possible, the groundwater is heated in a closed-circuit system using a heat exchanger and then returned to below the surface. The building complies with the Minergie standard, a Swiss seal of quality for energy-optimized construction. The modern building and the use of groundwater saves 180,000 liters of heating oil and around 480 metric tons of CO2 a year during heating and cooling. Capturing this amount of CO2 from the air would require planting approximately 35,000 trees.

Worcester, United Kingdom: water recycling
At the Thermotechnology location in Worcester, a new water-recycling system is helping ensure efficiency and resource conservation in manufacturing. Every year, the location needs around 110 million liters of water in research and development, in its long-term testing facilities, and in production. The new recycling system makes it possible to reuse cooling water from the production facilities. The recycling system saves twelve metric tons of CO2 and around 71 million liters of water annually – which corresponds approximately to the water consumption of 650 households.

Schweinfurt, Germany: combining extraction systems
The Bosch Rexroth plant in Schweinfurt has reduced its energy consumption by almost four gigawatt hours per year, which corresponds approximately to the energy consumption of 1,100 households. CO2 emissions have decreased by more than 1,500 metric tons. Combining the grinders’ extraction systems, which had previously been separate, made a major contribution to achieving these savings. Like large vacuum cleaners, they remove fumes and vapors from cooling lubricants. Cooling lubricants are necessary to cool and lubricate the grinding disks that are used in manufacturing as well as for parts during processing. The exhaust air from several systems now flows through pipes to a few larger filters. Thanks to a regulated motor, the fans extract only as much air as is necessary.

Mellansel, Sweden: energy-efficient painting technology
One of the most flexible and eco-friendly painting shops in the European mechanical engineering sector is located in Mellansel, Sweden. The machinery that is painted at this Bosch Rexroth plant includes heavy-duty hydraulic engines for recycling plants and mining. Engines that will subsequently come into contact with salt water are coated with several layers of corrosion-proofing. The temperature and the mix of water and color pigments are monitored closely so that excess heat can be recovered. As a result, energy consumption is 75 percent lower than it used to be. The switch to water-based paint also reduces the use of solvents by around 80 percent.

Nuremberg, Germany: oil tank converted into a modern refrigeration storage unit
The plant in Nuremberg has converted a former oil tank into a refrigeration storage unit. Together with refrigeration systems, it now makes a contribution to the energy-efficient cooling of lubricants. These lubricants are used to combat the heat that is created during the turning and milling of parts. The refrigeration systems cool water in advance. As in a refrigerator, the water remains at a constant temperature in the tank of the refrigeration storage unit. It also uses the ambient temperature to cool the tank itself. By doing so, the converted tank saves around 300 metric tons of CO2 a year. Capturing this amount of CO2 from the air would require planting a forest the size of approximately 30 soccer fields.

Rodez, France: biomass cogeneration plant
Bosch’s plant for diesel injectors in the southern French city of Rodez recently upgraded its heating system. As part of this, two of its three gas-fired cogeneration plants were replaced by a biomass cogeneration plant. It heats the buildings and supplies them with warm water. The new system has reduced the plant’s CO2 emissions by roughly 25 percent. In total, this adds up to annual savings of some 600 tons of CO2. The new system satisfies strict environmental regulations and exclusively runs on biomass from the local forestry industry.

Stuttgart-Feuerbach, Germany: retrofitted cleaning machines in diesel injection-pump manufacturing
The Feuerbach site manufactures diesel injection pumps that are used for fuel injection in vehicles. Before the housing of these diesel injection pumps can be assembled, they have to be cleaned several times to get rid of particles of dirt and grease. This can take place between the grinding and hardening processing steps, for example. To do so, cleaning machines wash the parts in hot baths, whose temperature was successfully reduced from 60 to 50 degrees Celsius without affecting manufacturing quality. In addition, the hot water generated by the buildings’ air-conditioning systems is today used to heat the baths. This alone makes it possible to save around 100 metric tons of CO2 a year. When no parts are being cleaned, the system automatically switches itself into standby mode. All told, this allows the plant to save around 2,100 megawatt hours of energy a year – approximately the same amount that a medium-sized wind turbine generates in the same period.



neZEH (nearly Zero Energy Hotels) is a project co-funded by the European Commission within the frame of the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, aiming to accelerate the rate of large scale renovations of hotels into nearly Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB), by providing technical advice to committed hoteliers and demonstrating flagship nZEB projects in the European hospitality sector. Sixteen (16) pilot hotels across seven European countries (Croatia, France, Greece, Italy, Romania, Spain and Sweden) follow a renovation plan to become nearly Zero Energy
Hotels and stand out as examples of good practice in Europe.

Join neZEH during the Paris Climate Change, COP21 conference, a unique occasion to discuss the project’s results and challenges with key stakeholders, as well as to raise awareness about existing initiatives within the tourism sector and the built environment.

ENERGIES 2050, along with the Technical University of Crete (project coordinator) and the neZEH consortium partners will organise three events dedicated to neZEH (all of them opened to public), as follows:

December 8th, Le Grand Palais, ENERGIES 2050 booth, 1pm – 2pm
How to enable Nearly Zero Energy strategies in the hotels sector In this roundtable, some neZEH partners (Technical University of Crete, World
Tourism Organisation - UNWTO, ENERGIES 2050, among others) will present and discuss the project’s objectives, results and challenges. Debates with experts and public will follow on the topics of: energy innovation and sustainability in the accommodation sector; benefits from implementing neZEH strategies; capacity building and ways to unblock large-scale renovations in the Hotel Industry.

December 8th, Le Grand Palais, Conference room Νο.5, 2pm – 2:50 pm
Designing low carbon strategies in the built environment: best practices This conference will focus on solutions for designing low carbon strategies in the built environment. neZEH’s global vision, actions and next steps will be presented, among other inspiring initiatives from organisations such as Solener and UNWTO.

December 10th, Le Bourget, civil society zone, MEDCOP booth, 11am – 12pm
Tourism, climate and energy: a treasure of opportunities for the territories – Lighthouse examples and experiences from the European initiative neZEH.

This conference will specifically focus on lighthouse examples from neZEH, aiming to demonstrate the frontrunners experience and to enhance existing opportunities. Participants will include stakeholders from the tourism industry and buildings sector.

Want to join the neZEH COP21 events?
You may register at the follow link: At the question "*How did you find out about neZEH" at the field "Other, please specify", please specify for which events you are interested by typing one or more of the codes given below:
COP21-8A (for the event taking place 8/12@1-2pm)
COP21-8B (for the event taking place 8/12@2-2:50pm)
COP21-10 (for the event taking place 10/12@11am-12pm)

Registering in advance is optional, however we recommend it for simplified access at the entrance.



ROSENC Cluster supports the consortium of GFA Consulting Group, Sociedade Portuguesa de traid GmbH and Inovação: SPI within the project “EU Gateway to China”, which will be implemented starting January 2016. The project objective is to facilitate the entry of EU Companies in the Chinese market, mainly SMEs from the Green and Clean Technology sector.

EU Gateway provides to companies countless opportunities and an unique set of services:

Business opportunities in promising markets
Identify potential business partners
Raise the visibility of their brand with an official European Union mission
Learn about current and future trends
Receive immediate feedback on products and technologies
Minimise the costs typically required to enter a new market
Make new contacts and strengthen your network
Discuss challenges and opportunities with other industry players
Benefit from professional coaching and follow-up at all stages
Receive logistical and financial support

EU Gateway is an EU-funded initiative helping European SMEs to establish long-lasting business collaborations in difficult markets abroad. EU Gateway  business missions act as entry ticket to markets which offer important opportunities for EU companies and which are at the same time difficult to penetrate, for example due to differences in business culture or regulatory requirements.

During the last EU Gateway cycle (2008-2014), 46 business missions have been organised to Japan and Korea with tangible results for the 1 500 participating companies – 83% found the business mission highly useful to increase their market understanding, 64% established business collaborations, 30% saw their revenue grow following the mission.

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Source: Luiza Apetrei, ROSENC

Energy Award 2015

RENERGY Award was given for the fourth time in the RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE. The prize was awarded in three categories this time, a remarkable personality, innovative technology and a foreign investor. For a remarkable winner was Mr. Prof. Dr. Eng. Virgil MUŞATESCU - at CNR-CME, for an innovative technology company was awarded Evinox Energy Ltd. in the UK and the award category was awarded to foreign investors Global Hydro Energy by Austrian company GmbH.  

Oscars 2015 Energy Awards Gala

Oscars 2015 Energy Awards Gala highest annual event held dedicated energy industry in Romania, designed for managers and top professionals, multinationals, domestic companies, independent companies, government officials and regulators in these tasks.
The event focuses on the recognition and celebration of Romania's performance in the energy industry, providing 9 awards for outstanding results during the last 12 months. Projects are analyzed by an independent jury composed of 8 members (Havrileţ Niculae - ANRE president, Bogdan Widow -partener KPMG, Roberto Musneci - partner Musneci Serban & Associates, Radu Dudău - co-founder and director EPG, Iulian Iancu - President of CNR -CMe, Sergiu Sebes - President CSR Nest Association, Farrukh Khan - Partner Deloitte Romania, Lucian Anghel - Pensions BCR CEO and President of BSE) which examines each application based on three fundamental principles: success, impact, innovation.
Awards Energy Oscars 2015 enjoys the support and confidence of reputable institutions and professional associations in the field of domestic energy, including WEC, COGEN, CRE, EPG, RBSTA, ROGBC ROPEPCA, RPIA, RWEA UPG and the Aspen Institute Romania.
Oscars Energy Project is largely self-financed, proposed and organized by Wing Media Energy Consulting through and its partners: ALD Automotive, BCR Pensions, CEZ Romania, Chivas, Electrica, Hidroelectrica, Hunt Oil, ROPEPCA, Kyocera, LeasePlan, Nuclearelectrica, Sarto, Schneider Electric Romania, Emerson Ridge Tools, SGS Romania, WU Executive Academy.

In this year will be held at National Library of Romania, Bucharest on 3 December 2015.

Frimu Ghinea

Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector of Moldova.

The industrial sector is one of three main energy consumers with 12.5% in the country energy consumption (2013 year) following residential sector (41.5%) and transport sector (28.5%). Industrial Energy Efficiency represents a key element of a country's energy security strategy as the cost-effective measure with financial, economic, social and environmental benefits to meet their rapidly increasing energy demand. The energy balance of industry in 2013 year is related to coal energy (21.4%), natural gas (22.6%), electricity (29.2 %) and thermal heat (20.2%). The rest of energy come from oil products (6.2%) and the energy of biomass and waste fuel (0.4%).  [BNS report]

The priority policies and actions sets by National Energy Efficiency Program (NEEP ) shall be implemented during 2011-2020 in order to meet the challenges emerged as a result of energy prices increase, dependency on imported energy resources and the impact of the energy sector on climate change. The sector of energy import has the value of 94.8% in the country energy balance in 2013 year. Increased energy efficiency should lead to reduced dependency on imports and could have significant financial benefits on national budgets.

General objectives for industrial sector targeted by NEEP:
 - investment stimulation in energy-efficient equipment;
 - promotion of energy-efficient technologies;

Implementation of the NEEP shall be ensured through National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP ) and National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP), to be newly approved every three years. The Energy Strategy of Moldova until 2030 year and National Development Strategy „Moldova 2020" include deep economic analysis and targets for energy efficiency:
- reducing the primary energy consumption by 20% until 2020;
- increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the overall energy balance up to 20% in 2020;
- increasing the share of biofuels to at least 10% in the total amount of fuels used in 2020;
- reducing the GHG emissions by 25% until 2020.

The general benefits from energy efficiency measures in industry are:
- increasing productivity and profitability;
- increasing of competitiveness;
- reduced impact of industrial activities on the environment and the climate
- reduced losses in energy transportation and distribution;
- implementation of energy efficiency EU standards and best-practices;
- increased public awareness about energy efficiency;
- support of country's Gas Emanation Reduction and energy security goals.

Over the last decade Moldovan industry has achieved significant improvements in terms of energy efficiency and productivity but substantial economically attractive opportunities certainly remain. The International Energy Agency estimates in about 30% the average economically feasible energy savings in global industry; energy savings that would be mainly achievable through the wide dissemination and adoption of existing best-available commercial energy efficiency practices and technologies.



BUILDING EDUCATION BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL FORUM is an innovative project of inter-professional communication, a unique meeting of the architectural profession with the educational ones, a partnership aiming to achieve a higher quality educational environment in Romania.

The event aims to become a platform for communication, direct meetings, networking and continuous dialogue for a higher quality educational environment in Romania.

BUILDING EDUCATION BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL FORUM promotes professional values, models and roles, inter-professional dialogue, professional leadership and best practices, having as main objective the creation of a partnership aimed at achieving a higher quality educational environment.

The first edition of the forum will take place on March 3rd 2016 and will explore four main dimensions of the concept of "building education": 1. Educational Environment and Educating the Environment, 2. Educational Leadership and Management: Best Practices, 3. Modernization and Reconversion of the Educational Environment: Examples 4. Private Educational Environment: Case Studies.

The forum is addressed to the leaders of the professions, education managers, decision makers and investors in education, providers of solutions and technology for a high quality educational environment.

BUILDING EDUCATION BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL FORUM 2016 will bring together 200 guests and international speakers.

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8th Energy + Efficiency Fair and Conferences Comes Earlier!

Now 17th + 18th of November

Due to the tragic event that took place in a Bucharest nightclub on Friday - 31st of October, where 32 people died and others 184 were injured, the management of the Palace Hall was informed by ISU (General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations) that new fire protecting regulations does not allow them to let RENEXPO be organised on November 18th - 20th. in Palace Hall.

Following this no risk policy, Palace Hall offered two new dates where no other events but RENEXPO would take place. As the best of all options we, exhibitors, conference partners and us, decided to change the date of RENEXPO to November 17th and 18th. and to reduce the running time from 3 to 2 days.

Thank you for your understanding and supporting us and Romania in this unique situation.

See you soon in Palace Hall in Bucharest

Your RENEXPO South East Europe Team


Availon announces record year with additional 620MW wind assets under contract

Availon, the leading multi-brand independent service provider for wind turbines, announced today a record year for the company, with the addition to its global portfolio of 620MW of wind turbine generators under operation & maintenance (O&M) contracts. Mature European markets such as Germany, Spain and Italy, which have a great number of wind farms coming out of warranty, represent the lion's share of Availon’s recent performance.

“This year, we have so far added 390 wind turbine generators to our existing fleet. Compared to the previous year, which was also very strong, this means a 20% growth. The base of our success is not only the broad range of services and turbine types that we cover, but also the fact that asset owners see, that we are able to offer a flexible and very reliable service to get the highest availability and energy yield.", commented CEO, Ulrich Schomakers.

Availon has built its competitive advantage by consistently adding new turbine models to its offering. The company is for instance the first ISP able to offer full service O&M contract for Gamesa wind turbine technology in the world. “What is really new here is that many of the newly contracted wind turbine generators have been manufactured by Gamesa. The capital we invested in building up a state-of-the-art expertise in Gamesa turbine technology is really paying off", explained Schomakers.

A significant increase in new O&M contracts was also recorded for GE and Vestas turbines, which still make up for the majority of turbines under contract at Availon. Further, the average age of turbines under contract has dropped because more and more wind farm owners decide to change from OEMs to Availon as soon as the warranty ends.

This trend is set to continue. MAKE Consulting forecasted a 10% growth, on average, per year, over the next six years in its Global Wind Turbine O&M 2014 report.  “Customers, banks and insurers know that Availon is an attractive alternative to the turbine manufacturers for aftermarket service, and push even for a switch over. There will be plenty of opportunities available to us in the booming O&M market and we are well positioned to take full advantage of them”, concluded Global Sales Manager, Michael Richter.

Greenpeace: Romania could cover 84% of energy from renewable sources in 2050

A new study Greenpeace Romania aims to facilitate access to those interested in available funding sources for investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency to information and resources in a timely manner.

Greenpeace Romania supports the transition to an energy future built around renewable resources, with reduced negative impact on the environment, health and economy, and friendly environment. Greenpeace studies show that Romania has great potential for generating renewable energy: in 2050, Romania could cover 84% of energy from sun, wind, thermal, etc. This transition involves efforts and political commitment at the highest decision making implemented through strategies, legislation and funding. However, the transition to clean energy has large implications at local and individual level through the implementation of photovoltaic or wind for consumption at household, community farm.

"We want investment in clean energy sources and reducing consumption become a phenomenon spread across the country at all levels: from household equipment to equip institutions and companies. The will be more such investments, so they will be more accessible and easier to implement. It is important to show that the pioneering phase is nearing completion and that the land for large-scale investment is already prepared. ", Said Ionut Cepraga, Campaigns Coordinator of Greenpeace Romania.

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Belgrade Fair organizes this year, on October 14 – 16, the 11th International Fair of Electric Power, Coal, Gas and Oil, Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency ENERGY 2015 and 12th International Fair of Environment and Natural Resource Protection ECOFAIR 2015.

The exhibiting is carried out through international exhibitions and commodity groups, which saves time of visitors and enables a comparison of the displayed exhibit advantages and extends the opportunity to the exhibitors to achieve their desired marketing objectives.

Special presentations of individual exhibitors of businessmen groups, as regarding their marketing, along with B2B meetings, press conferences, video and demonstrational facilities, appropriate cocktail parties and similar – in the rooms intended for such purpose at Belgrade Fair – are also a traditional way of using the Fair days for development of lively business activities during the October Green Energy Days at Belgrade Fair.

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RENEXPO®BiH 2015 offers the perfect occasion to show foreign experts and visitors as well as to the Bosnian experts and public the achievements of energy efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far. Deutsche Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit GmBH (GIZ) / German International Cooperation is therefore organizing together with the main partners from government, institutions and private sector three events in the course of RENEXPO®:

1. House of Energy Efficiency as part of the fair and exhibition;
2. Energy Efficiency Conferences as a side programme of the fair (2 days);
3. Building Typology Exhibition as a side programme organized by GIZ in cooperation with four faculties from Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

Advantage for this year’s exhibitors of the RENEXPO®BiH 2015 fair is specially organized guided tour through fair ground with thematic topic focus on insulation, heating/cooling, building typology, public lighting and lighting in buildings, government policy implementation, etc. on the second day of the fair.

Topics 2015: 
* Energy efficiency: meet the Bosnian architects and engineers in B2B meetings
* Exhibition: Energy Efficiency Building Typology
* House of Energy Efficiency
* Energy Efficiency Conference
* Training for architects and engineers
* Bosnian Biomass Cogeneration Expert-Exchange
* Geothermal Municipality Day
* Small Hydropower Expert Exchange - Expert Teams from Montenegro, Serbia, BiH and Croatia
* Climate Diplomacy - 2 Day program
* Exhibitor evening reception
* Investors Business Lounge - more than 100 available projects and concessions are presented to exhibitors and investors (Wind Power, Hydro Power, Photovoltaic, Biomass, Geothermal, Biogas, Energy Efficiency, Lighting / Street Lighting)

The RENERGY AWARD in three categories - Outstanding Personality, Outstanding Technology and international Performance in Bosnia and Herzegovina will close the ceremony, which is followed by a VIP cocktail and trade fair tour.

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Renewable energy in Romania

A study publish by Coface shows that Romania has made considerable progress in terms of the share of renewable in final energy consumption at the national level.

"In 2013, according to Eurostat, it increased to 24%, 50% more than the level recorded 10 years ago, being above average for the EU (29) and 15% respectively. However, Romania is far behind countries such as Sweden or Norway, only registering a share of over 50%, "says Coface.

Local production of wind power stations in the period January-August 2015 was 4728.8 mln. KWh, increasing by 1783.0 mln. KWh compared to the same period last year, and photovoltaic solar energy produced in the mentioned period was 1510.2 mln. kWh, up by 536.7 mil. KWh compared to the corresponding period of 2014.

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Ingeteam hits 30 GW installed wind capacity milestone

Ingeteam, an independent supplier of electrical conversion equipment, has announced today that it reached the milestone of 30 gigawatts (GW) of installed wind power capacity worldwide. The company hit this important mark after the commissioning of power converters accounting for 2 GW of installed capacity during the first semester of 2015, a 17% increase over the previous year. In total, Ingeteam has installed 20,757 power converters globally.

This increase was mainly accomplished by its leadership position in two of the world’s largest emerging wind energy markets, namely Brazil and India. Ingeteam has strategically targeted these two regions, which became the company’s core growth engines over the last few years.

Ingeteam opened its Brazilian subsidiary Ingeteam Ltda. in 1999 and started producing wind power converters in 2011 at its manufacturing facility in Sao Paulo. Since then, the company has supplied 1.5 GW wind energy capacity to this market. This accounts for more than 20% of all installed wind power capacity in the country.

Over the past year, Ingeteam has significantly expanded its Brazilian facility to 5,000 m² and created up to 125 jobs for the local production of wind power converters, increasing its maximum annual production capacity to 3.8 GW. Additionally, all power converters manufactured at its facility comply with the local content requirements established by Brazil’s national development bank BNDES in order to gain Finame accreditation.

In India, established since 2012, Ingeteam has reached a clear leadership position. The company ended 2014 with more than 20% of all installed wind power capacity in the country. To date, about 8% of all wind power capacity in India has been commissioned by Ingeteam.

According to GWEC, Brazil was the world’s 4th largest market with nearly 2.5 GW installed last year, and moved into 10th place in the global cumulative rankings. India is the second largest wind market in Asia and added 2,315 MW of new wind power in 2014, up 34% from 2013. India’s cumulative installations reached 22.5 GW at the end of December 2014, keeping the Indian wind power market firmly in the top five rankings globally. Both, the Brazilian and Indian markets are expected to have grown substantially in 2015 and this positive trend of growth is expected to continue in the coming years.

Appropriations for increased energy efficiency in Ukraine

According to Sergei Savchuk  after the release of the energy efficiency program was granted 44,767 loans worth 743.7 million hryvnia. Only in October 19 was granted loans worth 10 million hryvnia. Tis have recovered 84 condominiums in various regions of the country. The program aims to reduce spending on energy cost of using fossil fuels or Russian gas.

Frimu Ghinea

ExpoEnergiE 2015

The fifth edition of ExpoEnergiE will take place within Hall C1 at Romexpo Exhibition Centre, between 14th and 17th of October 2015, in the same period with TIB Bucharest International Technical fair and INVENTIKA – Invention and innovation show.

ExpoEnergiE is an event dedicated to the energy market and the oil and gas industry, representing a networking platform for professionals in the field. ExpoEnergiE focuses on promoting the potential of these two industries, in order to attract investors.

The event gathers under the same roof the most important players in the market that will exhibit the latest products and technologies, offering to visitors the opportunity to be informed on the novelties of this market, to purchase products and services or to negotiate directly with suppliers. ExpoEnergiE is addressed to producers and distributors of conventional energy, renewable energy, technologies and equipment for oil and gas industry.

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Romanian Energy Efficiency Forum 2015

The Romanian Energy Efficiency Forum 2015 is a perfect networking platform that will create new ventures and investment opportunities in the area of sustainable and energy efficient program development in a crucial moment for the implementation of the 2012/27/EU Directive to Energy Efficiency.

The Forum speakers will provide the latest information to help your company adapt and comply to the Directive requirements - it will also involve you in the debate that shapes the future directions of Romania's energy markets and energy services development.

The oportunities and challenges of implementing energy efficiency programs as the next step in Romania’s energy strategy will be debated in the largest conference dedicated to this sector in Romania, the Romanian Energy Efficiency Forum 2015, organised by the Romanian Association for Promoting Energy Efficiency and GOVNET Conferences.


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Renewable Energy Career Forum

The Renewable Energy Career Forum will take place to support students, graduates and young professionals who are looking for a job in the energy sector or just want to learn and inform themselves about certain projects presented by representatives from important companies in the area or on the opportunity to participate on different programs or trainings to help them to have a successful career in the energy sector.

For students, graduates and young professionals: 
A good planning to become active in this sector is the key to a successful career. Participants will be able to attend the presentation of study plans of faculties in the field, interact with various companies in the energy sector and discuss with their representatives. The event will be a unique opportunity for them to get in contact with managers and key persons from the industry and find out the opportunities to participate to different trainings and what are the requirements and specific jobs that companies offer them and for which they can apply in the future.

For energy companies:
The participating companies will have the opportunity to present their activity and recruit interested personall. They will be able to present their vacancies and explain with details the requirements needed to occupy this jobs.

The forum is a connection point between these parties and its target is to guide young people to a successful career in the field, supporting the development of the participating companies and the education system in this sector.

Location: Palace Hall in Bucharest, Romania
Language: Romanian

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7th International Conference - Solar Energy in Romania

After several years of growth and innovation, the PV Industry is facing another challenging period, with shifting market dynamics from large scale projects to small and medium systems.  The Law on Renewable Energy Sources adopted in June 2015 provides opportunities for the development of photovoltaics in Romania.

Legislation (mainly law 122/2015) on regulated tariffs for small renewable players (feed-in tariff) opens new opportunities for small projects, including PV and could enter into force latest October 2015. The support scheme will be approved for projects less than 500 KW. Regulation tariffs should come into force October 2015.

All these aspects, such as procedures for the various stages of PV systems investment process, and the introduction of  a quality mark for installation companies, will be among the topics discussed  during the 7th International Conference - Solar Energy in Romania. Thanks to active participation, the conference participants will be able to take part in creating and promoting good practices connected to the PV systems installation.

09:30 Registration & Welcome coffee
10:00 Welcome Greetings
Johann-Georg RÖHM, CEO REECO GmbH International, Germany
10:15 Opening Session
Key notes on the local market
Ciprian GOLDEANU, President of Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association, Romania

Session I: The Future of Photovoltaics in Romania

European Union Policy towards Renewable Energy
Pierre DECHAMPS, European Commission*

Prospects for photovoltaics in Romania 2020
Zoltan NAGY-BEGE, ANRE, Romania

Status of the legislation process on amendaments to the Law of Renewable Energy
Anca BUJOR, Adviser to the Ministry of Energy, Romania*

Trade Fair Guided Tour

Networking Lunch
Session II: Support of PV development in Romania

Connecting the PV installation to the grid-legal and technical aspects
Ioan FAUR, Vice president of Romanian Electricians Association-AREL, Romania

The current legal, administrative procedures and permits

European Funds and Photovoltaics

Connection of PV systems from the point of view of distribution system operator

Session III: Towards the sustainable growth of the PV market in Romania

Certification of installers for PV systems
Florin MIHAILOV, Romanian Electricians Association-AREL, Romania

Experience of PV installers when coming connecting to the grid
Ioan FAUR, Vice president of Romanian Electricians Association-AREL, Romania

Microinstallation Certification Program
Online monitoring of small and medium installations
Future solar storage systems

16:45  Questions and Conclusions
17:00  End of the conference

Ioan FAUR, Vice president of Romanian Electricians Association-AREL, Romania

Palace Hall in Bucharest
Ion Campineanu Street, No.28, District 1, Bucharest

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2nd International Workshop - Energy Efficiency in Heat and Power Generation

Cogeneration is the simultaneous production, in one process, of thermal, electric and / or mechanic energy. The production of high efficient cogeneration achieves primary energy savings of at least 10% compared with the reference values for the separate production of electric and thermal energy.

Since 2009, to support high efficiency cogeneration process, a support scheme has been introduced in Romania that involves a bonus offered for each MWh of electric energy delivered in network. For getting benefits from the support scheme, producers of electric and thermal energy in high efficient cogeneration, have to ask the National Authority Regulation (ANRE). Manufacturers can benefit from this scheme until 2023, for a period not exceeding 11 consecutive years.

Producers of electric and thermal energy in cogeneration, from renewable energy sources are able to choose either this scheme, either a support scheme for the promotion of the electric energy produced from renewable energy sources. The two schemes can not be combined (According

Econet Romania will organise in collaboration with REECO, international trade fair and conference organiser for renewable energy all over Europe the 2nd International Workshop - Energy Efficiency in Heat and Power Generation, on the 19th of November 2015, at the Palace Hall in Bucharest. The workshop will focus on cogeneration in the energy and industry sector, offering information about the most important subjects as well as giving best practice examples.


Palace Hall in Bucharest
Ion Campineanu Street, No.28, District 1, Bucharest

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1st International Energy Efficiency Summit

The premiere of the 1st International Energy Efficiency Summit for the Industrial and Building Sector in Romania, will take place as part of the RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE and it is supported by the ANRE - Regulatory Authority for Energy.

09:00 Registration and welcome coffee

Session I:
Can energy efficiency revive investments in the energy sector?

Cristina Trefaș, Expert in energy, Editor in chief, INVESTENERGY

09:30 Opening of the Summit/Welcome greetings
Johann-Georg RÖHM, CEO REECO GmbH International, Germany

09:35 Key message/Share the vision
Bogdan Nicolae BADEA - State Secretary, Ministry of Energy, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and the Business Environment

09:45 Plea for energy efficiency markets
Corneliu RĂDULESCU, General Manager ANRE

10:05 Panel discussion

Why is the role of energy efficiency markets that significant and what are the proper tools to organize it?
Corneliu RĂDULESCU, General Manager ANRE

Energy services, market leader in software
Automation, market leader hardware
Financing: Sustainable Energy Finance Facility

Energy efficiency: potentials in the industry and commercial sector
Elena POPESCU, General Manager within the Department of Energy

11:00 Opening Ceremony of RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE

11:15 RENERGY AWARD 2015

Guided tour:
- Residential sector
- Public sector
- Industrial sector
- Cogeneration

12:45 Networking Lunch

Session II:
'Building' energy efficiency in buildings: what are the perspectives, expectations, solutions and novelties

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MDRAP), responsible for implementing energy efficiency programmes and measures in the building sector*

14:00 Effective tools for greener homes and buildings in Romania
Ph.D. Monica ARDELEANU,Director of Development and Policy - Romania Green Building Council*

Energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources for the heat supply in existing buildings
Cătălin DRAGOSTIN, President ESCOROM, Romania

Energy performance contracting in transition
Bogdan POTLOGIA, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Agency "Ae3R Ploiești-Prahova, Romania

Increasing Energy Efficiency in residential buildings in ESCO system
Vlad STANCIU, General Manager ROSENC, Romania

Building refurbishment for a sustainable living: owners of flats, housing associations
Renovation of existing properties (best practices)

Session III:
Energy efficiency in industry:
Energy related services in the industry sector: a cross field where quality, innovation and competition meet

16:00 Energy efficiency drive for increased competitiveness
Energy efficiency management - a key role to generate innovation and achieve savings?
Energy management: the perfect interaction of all energy components
Cross-sector thinking: concrete energy efficiency implementation (best practice)

Session IV:
Public sector: house-district-city of the future: from innovation to winners

17:00 ANERGO - The first Regional Energy Observatory in Romania, an essential support tool for Local Authorities in sustainable planning
Florin ANDRONESCU, General Manager ALEA - Local Energy Agency, Alba, Romania

Energy management systems Smart City

Eco-cities: smart and efficient urbanisation
Installing energy-efficient lighting system (best practice)

18:00 Conclusions and end of the conference

Location: Palace Hall in Bucharest
Ion Campineanu Street, No. 28, District 1, Bucharest

Language: Romanian / English

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Architecture Conference & Expo Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Over 300 architects and specialists in related fields will attend this Friday, October 2, at the biggest event in Transylvania Architecture Conference & Expo where 15 speakers from home and abroad will share their experiences in the field of architecture.

The event will take place at Liberty Technology Park and will begin at 11:30  with registration of participants. Located at the IIIa edition, Architecture Conference & Expo brings on stage in Cluj-Napoca renowned speakers such as Bas ten Brinke (Amsterdam), Charles Phu (Netherlands), Serban Sturdza (Bucharest) and Serban Tiganas (Cluj-Napoca) will hold presentations and debates on Architectural Heritage Preservation, Restoration and conversion of innovation.

Over 20 companies in areas such as building materials, design, software design will present to participants innovations in related fields.

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The City of Green Buildings Conference

The City of Green Buildings Conference is a specially designed event which brings together experts and professionals, authorities from local and central government administrations, representatives of prestigious companies covering various areas of engineering, that support durable and sustainable development of buildings.

The conference consists in plenary sessions where will be discussed topics regarding to sustainable design of buildings, the future of energy in buildings, the architectural and structural changes of retrofitting existing buildings, financing sustainable buildings and energy retrofit projects, from the theoretical, practical, political, commercial and implementation perspective.
The conference will be an excellent chance to meet with other professionals and stakeholders of the sustainable buildings industry, interacting with them and finding common interests for future collaborations.

The City of Green Buildings Conference aims to be the premier interdisciplinary forum to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns, practical, political and commercial challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of sustainable buildings.

The Venue of The City of Green Buildings Conference is The City Plaza Hotel, located in the centre of Cluj-Napoca.
Adress: Sindicatelor 9-13, 400029 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Solar Quarter in Bucharest

Solar Quarter, a total investment of 45 million euro, will be the first residential project in Romania. Quartier has photovoltaic solar panels to generate green energy. The 1,800 solar panels located on the roof blocks will produce over 600MWh / year.

Located in the south of the city, the project will have a total area of ​​over 61,000 square meters and will include 15 residential buildings in height basement + ground + five floors with a total of 1,000 apartments with one, two and three rooms.

The first phase of construction includes four buildings with a total of 296 apartments and arranging walkways and seating areas, with the completion date of the end of December 2015. Each block of the complex will be equipped with a power generation system composed of 120 photovoltaic solar panels placed in six rows each with 20 panels and an inverter.

Source : National

ExpoEnergiE 2015 Bucharest

The fifth edition of ExpoEnergiE will take place within Hall C1 at Romexpo Exhibition Centre, between 14th and 17th of October 2015, in the same period with TIB Bucharest International Technical fair and INVENTIKA – Invention and innovation show.

ExpoEnergiE is an event dedicated to the energy market and the oil and gas industry, representing a networking platform for professionals in the field. ExpoEnergiE focuses on promoting the potential of these two industries, in order to attract investors.

The event gathers under the same roof the most important players in the market that will exhibit the latest products and technologies, offering to visitors the opportunity to be informed on the novelties of this market, to purchase products and services or to negotiate directly with suppliers. ExpoEnergiE is addressed to producers and distributors of conventional energy, renewable energy, technologies and equipment for oil and gas industry.

European background
• Europe 2020 Strategy aims to increase the share of renewable sources from the total energy mix to at least 20% until the year 2020;
• The Roadmap 2050 Project, funded by the European Commission, where "Romania has a key role to play. Romania needs to modernize and improve energy efficiency with the support of the European Union, as it is one of the main actors in securing supplies of Europe - a cornerstone of the future European strategy." - Philip Lowe, General Manager for Energy in the European Commission, Hotnews interview;
• Energy efficiency is one of the important sections in the European energy policy and one of the main targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy;
• As reported by Transelectrica (1/23/2014 edition) for the Romanian newspaper “Ziarul Financiar” (Financial Newspaper), in Romania during the last three months of 2013 the hydropower production decreased, but was offset by electricity generated by thermal power plants and wind farms.
• Romania's involvement in the development of the Southern Corridor gas pipeline system;
• In 2012, "the ten largest oil companies active in the local market have run businesses of almost 12.6 billion Euros, with 2.5 billion higher than in 2010" (Source: the Romanian economic magazine "ZF Energie" – ZF Energy).

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A new energy program for Kiev was signed

Tuesday 4 August 2015 was signed memorandum on cooperation in the energy efficiency of residential buildings between Energy Eficiency Agency from Kyiv and City State Administration Kiev. "It is essential for the Agency to sign a memorandum of capital, the mayor, who has extensive experience in Western countries, which have become an example of energy efficiency in Ukraine". "We signed a memorandum of 21 including Kiev city administration intends to reimburse local governments or loan interest rate", - said Sergey Savchuk, the President of Energy Eficiency Agency and added that the State reimburses 20%, 30% and 40% of the loan amount. The program are focus to individual buildings and multifamily residents.

Energy efficiency programs only last month increased twice and the amount borrowed funds amounted to 250 mln UHA ( 10.6 milion euro ).

Kiev's mayor, Vitaly Klitschko said: "Energy efficiency is a priority not only for Kiev, but also for the entire state. The Ukrainians consume five times more energy than the European average. Therefore, the energy efficiency program is very important - not only saves money but also aims to enhance our country's energy independence. We will support this initiative in any way. "

Through this energy efficiency program are granted long-term loans for installing, changing or improving energy systems. Part of the amount is reimbursed by state or local authorities.

Frimu Ghinea

Heat pumps - efficiency with style

The Europe-wide requirement for providing energy efficiency classes of heating devices will soon result in significant changes for the whole heating industry and heating devices market. That is some good news for heat pumps supporters and those customers who are interested in economical heating - thanks to their high energy efficiency, the devices will reach the highest possible energy efficiency classes A+, A++, A+++. The consequences of introducing such classification will be one of the topics discussed during the 4th Congress of the Polish Organization of Heat Pump Technology Development. This year it will be held under the slogan "Heat pumps - efficiency with style". This year's meeting of the industry and heat pumps supporters will traditionally take place during the International Trade Fair for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency RENEXPO® Poland 2015, on 22-24.09.2015 in Warsaw.

All indications are that, like in case of our western neighbours, heat pumps technology in Poland is also likely to become the leading technology in providing thermal comfort, particularly in new facilities. Poland is the only country in Europe to have seen a significant increase in the heat pumps market for the fifth year in a row. The study "Heat roadmap with RES by 2030" will have its premiere during the IV PORT PC Congress. It serves as the development forecast for heating devices using renewable energy for single family detached houses in Poland.

Will conventional fuels be replaced by renewable energy sources and when can it happen? What will be the place of heat pumps in the future of power industry? A world-class scientist and expert, professor Hans-Martin Henning from Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, has already confirmed his participation in the Congress. He will present the vision of Germany energy security based on RES development and the use of energy efficiency potential, as well as plans for its implementation by 2050. Detailed analysis results, which are of extreme interest around the world, will be presented in Poland for the first time.

IV PORT PC Congress is also the premiere of new guidelines published by the association. For the first time, there will be a chance to learn about the new water quality standards for heating devices and the new standards for total annual costs. In addition to that, during the Congress PORT PC will discuss the new activities and initiatives planned by the organization for the coming year.

The subject areas of this year's meeting are of big variety. One of them will be Regional Operational Programs - within their framework high expenditures are granted for RES development. The Congress participants will learn in which voivodships particularly one can apply for the finance for heat pumps.

A panel discussion is another event taking place during the PORT PC Congress. This will be one of the few opportunities to get the answers at the source for questions concerning RES support schemes in Poland or development trends of heating technology.

The Congress is one of the most important points of the RENEXPO® Poland (22. - 24.09.2015, Warsaw International Expocentre EXPO XXI). It is here that the most prominent personalities from the heat pumps industry meet. Every year RENEXPO® Poland gathers hundreds of congress participants and fair visitors.

The following companies have already confirmed their participation in the Trade Fair: ASTAT Sp. z o.o., Mammoth Air Conditioning, Daikin Airconditioning Poland Sp. z o.o., Atlantic Polska, GALMET SP. Z O.O. SP.K., TM Instalacje Pompy Ciepła, ALFACO Polska Sp. z o.o., Wachelka INERGIS S.A. or CLIMAJAR Sp. z o.o.

If you are a producer, installer, heat pumps installation designer, representative of local government units or public administration, investor, student, or you just take interest in the renewable sources of energy, you cannot miss the IV PORT PC Congress "Heat pumps - efficiency with style" held on September 22, 2015.

Registration for the IV PORT PC Congress has already started and can be made online on the website of the 5th International Trade Fair for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency RENEXPO® Poland under the conferences tab. Organizers have prepared attractive participation fees and special promotions for the first 20 registered persons! You are kindly invited!
/Source: PORT PC/

Polish Organization of Heat Pump Technology Development (PORTPC) is an association of persons related to heat pump industry. It was established in January 2011.

Its main objectives are: dissemination of knowledge about heat pumps, creating conditions for rapid and harmonious development of this market in Poland, and the quality improvement of created heat pumps installations.

As the industry organization, PORT PC is the member of European Heat Pump Association in Brussels and cooperates with the biggest heat pumps industry organizations in Europe (German BWP, Swiss FWS).

Multiple prominent specialists from Polish and foreign universities of technology and research institutes are engaged in PORTPC activities (AGH University of Science and Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, Cracow University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology, Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE). Substantive activities are coordinated by PORT PC Program Science Committee chaired by Marian Rubik, PhD., Eng. from Warsaw University of Technology.

Małgorzata Bartkowski, Project Manager, REECO Poland Sp. z o.o,
ul. Bartycka 22B/21A, 00-716 Warszawa
Tel: +48 (0)22-266-0216, Fax: +48 (0)22-379-78-60

7th International Conference - Solar Energy in Romania

After several years of growth and innovation, the PV Industry is facing another challenging period, with shifting market dynamics from large scale projects to small and medium systems.  The Law on Renewable Energy Sources adopted in June 2015 provides opportunities for the development of photovoltaics in Romania.

Legislation (mainly law 122/2015) on regulated tariffs for small renewable players (feed-in tariff) opens new opportunities for small projects, including PV and could enter into force latest October 2015. The support scheme will be approved for projects less than 500 KW. Regulation tariffs should come into force October 2015.

All these aspects, such as procedures for the various stages of PV systems investment process, and the introduction of  a quality mark for installation companies, will be among the topics discussed  during the 7th International Conference - Solar Energy in Romania. Thanks to active participation, the conference participants will be able to take part in creating and promoting good practices connected to the PV systems installation.

Discussion themes (proposals):

Session I: The future of PV in Romania
European Union Policy towards Renewable Energy
Prospects for PV in Romania 2020
Status of legislation process on amendaments to the Law of Renewable Energy

Session II: Support of PV development in Romania
The current legal, administrative procedures and permits
European funds for PV
Connecting the PV installation to the grid - legal and technical aspects
Connection of PV systems from the point of view of distribution system operator

Session III: Towards the sustainable growth of the PV market in Romania
Certification of installers for PV systems
Experience of PV installers when connecting to the grid
Microinstallation Certification Programm
Online monitoring of small and medium installations
Future solar storage systems

Palace Hall in Bucharest
Ion Campineanu Street, No.28, District 1, Bucharest

Target groups:
- Chief executives, product managers and project developers of module and cell manufacturers, producers of inverters and power components, suppliers of foundations, substructures, cabling and other components
- Planners, contractors, installers, engineering and construction companies
- Utilities and manufacturing / service companies from conventional power industry
- Sales managers responsible for large-scale systems
- Insurance companies, brokers and agencies
- Investment banks and investors
- Political representatives
- Energy agencies
- Attorneys involved in PV projects
- Journalists addressing economic, technological and energy issues

Language: English/Romanian

Bvd. Revolutiei, No.96, apt.4, Arad
Phone: +40-257230919
Fax: +40-257230998


Transeastern Power Trust acquisition two photovoltaic solar power production plants in Romania with $18 Million

Transeastern Power Trust is pleased to announce today that it has entered into two non-binding term sheets with certain affiliates of Sprott Inc. ("Sprott") for a minimum $18 million financing, comprised of a non-brokered private placement for a minimum of $13 million of subscription receipts (the "Equity Offering") to be led by Sprott and a $5 million secured debt facility to be provided by Sprott Resource Lending Partnership (the "Debt Facility", and together with the Equity Offering, the "Financing").

Proceeds from the Financing will be used for the acquisition of two photovoltaic solar power production plants in Romania (the "Power Assets") and for general working capital purposes. The plants are fully operational and have a total capacity of over 16 kWp. The plants have been in production for over two years and have performed consistently over that timeframe. The Trust is currently in the process of finalizing the purchase agreements for the Power Assets and further details will be announced in due course. The gross purchase price of the Power Assets is expected to be approximately $9,600,000, net of assumed bank debt. As partial payment for the Power Assets, it is expected that the vendors will subscribe for up to $5.8 million of units of the Trust at a purchase price of $1.00 per unit.

The Equity Offering will be comprised of the issuance of subscription receipts (the "Subscription Receipts") at a price of $1.00 per Subscription Receipt, each exercisable for one trust unit (a "Trust Unit") and one purchase warrant (a "Warrant"). Each Warrant shall entitle the holder to acquire one Trust Unit for a period of 36 months from the date of issuance at an exercise price of $1.00, subject to compliance with TSX Venture Exchange pricing policies. The Warrants will contain an acceleration provision providing that, if: (i) four months and one day have passed since the closing date, (ii) the Subscription Receipt escrow release conditions have been satisfied, and (iii) the closing price of the Trust Units on the TSX Venture Exchange is higher than $1.50 for 20 consecutive trading days, then on the 20th consecutive trading day (the "Acceleration Trigger Date") the expiry date of the Warrants will be accelerated to the date that is 10 business days after the Acceleration Trigger Date.

The issuance of the Subscription Receipts will be subject to satisfaction of due diligence, receipt of a minimum of $13,000,000 in gross proceeds from the Equity Offering (which may include the dollar amount issued to vendors of the acquired Power Assets) and receipt of all necessary regulatory approvals, including the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange. The Subscription Receipts shall convert into Trust Units and Warrants and funds shall be released from escrow upon the fulfilment of certain release conditions including all conditions precedent for the purchase of the Power Assets (other than the release of escrow funds) being satisfied or waived, receipt of funds from the Debt Facility, and other customary conditions for a subscription receipt offering.

A finder's fee will be payable to Sprott on proceeds realized from sales to investors introduced by Sprott equal to 5% cash (or units at Sprott's election), 5% Warrants and 3% Subscription Receipts. The securities issued in the Equity Offering will be subject to a four month and one day hold period. The closing of the Financing and the acquisition of the Power Assets are expected to occur by the end of March, 2015.

The Debt Facility will be in the amount of $5 million accruing interest at a rate of 10% per annum, compounded monthly. It will have a two year term and be repayable at the Trust's option without penalty provided six months' interest has been paid. The Debt Facility will be guaranteed by the Trust's subsidiaries and will be secured against the Power Assets and each of the Trust's current assets. In connection with the Debt Facility, the Trust shall undertake to meet certain minimum working capital requirements and use of funds. The Trust will also make certain required payments in conjunction with the Debt Facility, including a $300,000 bonus payment and an annual payment of 2% of the Debt Facility, each payable in Trust Units at a 10% discount to the market price of the Trust Units. The Debt Facility is subject to TSX Venture Exchange Approval.

Mr. J. Colter Eadie, Chief Executive Officer of Transeastern, commented: "The acquisition of these two projects is a transformative transaction for the Trust. Upon completion, we will be more than doubling our installed power production capacity and doing so on a basis that we expect to be immediate and highly accretive to the Trust as well as dramatically lowering our payout ratio. With these acquisitions, we anticipate that approximately half of our power generation will come from solar and half from hydro. This diversification reduces our hydrology risk and dramatically increases our revenue. The vendors are agreeable to taking approximately 58% of the total consideration for the acquisition in Trust Units, a major endorsement of our strategy and evidence of confidence in the quality of the assets being acquired, our existing portfolio, and the opportunities in front of us. We are very pleased to welcome Sprott, a high-quality global investment firm, as a cornerstone investor and lender to the Trust. In addition to Sprott, insiders have committed to acquire at least $500,000 as part of this financing. We are particularly pleased to be receiving this support from management and the asset vendors."


Romania: National Conference of Modern Management in Energy - First Edition

"Smart grid, smart meter" is the theme of this conference, dedicated to the energy sector in Romania radiography and determining the most suitable solutions to eliminate various problems.

Participants in the debate will try to prove that, by applying the latest ICT solutions, you can build "intelligent" network with numerous benefits. These include increasing power quality and energy efficiency, improve data security, energy optimization and better management at electricity distribution networks.

Preliminary Agenda of the event:
• Registration of participants 09.00-09.30. Welcome Coffee.
• 09.30-09.35 Opening of - moderator Daniel Apostol
• Representative 09.35-10.00 Energy Minister of Small and Medium Sized Business: The coordinates energy strategy 2015 - Problems and solutions
• 10.00-10.20 Gabriel Mardarasevici, Acting Chairman, Focality: A better life, one click away - revolutionary technologies for Energy
• 10.20-10.40 Representative ANRE: Market trends -development of domestic production and price evolution
• 10.40-11.00 Representative business: market potential, "choked" by the lack of clear rules and predictability
• 11.00-11.20 Competition Council Representative: Safety and competitiveness in the energy market in Romania
• 11.20-11.40 Coffee break
• 11.40-12.00 Representative business: Integrated Solutions for prevention of cyclical changes in energy
• 12.00-12.20 Representative Committee of Industries, Chamber of Deputies legislative challenges in energy and the necessary regulations
• 12.20-12.40 Representative business
• 12.40-13.00 Representative business
• 13.00-14: 00 Lunch

Participants: approximately 100 people, members of parliament, representatives of the Government, the Ministry of Energy, SMEs and Business Environment of subordinate agencies and public services by companies operating in the energy field.
Tuesday, November 10, 2015
Constanta Hall, JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel, Romania

Renewable NRG Systems launches new user interface for TurbinePhD® condition monitoring system

Renewable NRG Systems (RNRG), a designer and manufacturer of decision support tools for the global renewable energy industry, has completely redesigned its software interface for the TurbinePhD wind turbine condition monitoring system (CMS). TurbinePhD is the only CMS in the wind industry that is engineered for use by wind plant operators at multiple levels of their organization, from technicians to data analysts.

Automated Diagnosis
TurbinePhD’s powerful automated analysis classifies the health of all turbine drivetrain components, so users don’t have to be vibration experts to get actionable information. Improved alert management allows users to handle all alerts in one place and track who acknowledges and clears issues. Charts and data can be easily exported for deeper analysis.
Fleet Health at a Glance
The TurbinePhD user interface is completely web-based, so users can access all of their turbine health data anywhere with an internet connection. The fleet view allows operators to assess the health of all wind farms at a glance, and graphical health alerts clearly highlight those that need attention. At the wind farm level, users can see which turbines have new alerts or view and download charts of the most critical faults on the farm.

TurbinePhD is backed by RNRG’s two-year warranty and lifetime technical support. Learn more at


Moldova : renewable energy cheaper like traditional energy

Simultaneously with increase of tariffs for electric energy, the few producers of electricity from renewable sources regenerabilele in the Republic of Moldova faced a situation is absurd when the current product is less than that from traditional sources.

Worldwide producers of renewable energy, combating the production cost of electrical energy as little as possible, compared to traditional sources. Generally, however, the costs for the production of renewable energy is higher and the difference is subsidized by the state or entered in the accounts of consumers. In Moldova it was due to the inconsistent policy between the authorities, on the one hand, declares that it supports the development of the renewable energy sources, but de facto the opposite is true.

On July 18 the Board of Directors of the Agency ANRE approved at the meeting of the new regulated tariffs for distribution services and supply of electric energy to consumers consumers PEAK "RED Union Fenosa" SA, by îcs Gas Natural Fenosa Supply of Electricity JSC" RED Nord and RED Nord - Vest SA, as well as a new tariff for services in transfer of electric energy provided by the SE Moldelectrica.

The decision of ANRE household consumers connected to the low voltage network served by Gas Natural Fenosa Supply of Energy will be on the pay rate of 2.16 lei ( 0.1 Euro/kWh, those RED Nord 2,23 ( 0.11 Euro)lei/kWh, whereas RED Nord - Vest will pulls out his 2,33 money/kWh.

The tariff increase has not achieved, and suppliers of electricity from renewable sources. Thus, they will continue to receive 1,24-1,92 lei ( 0.06 - 0.09 Euro) per kilowatt-hour(!). Unfortunately, it is not clear how to motivate these manufacturers in the tariff increase, because once the equipment was installed, the main costs are those of service, which practically do not change due to the weakening of the national currency against the dollar or the Euro.

This approach will never allow the development of the sector of renewable energy production in the country, and large investors will be around the same as it did and still.

Even before the creation of this situation, we reported that producers of renewable energy who had to wait long periods to get the tariff for the energy produced, and until then, and began to supply free electricity. Some manufacturers have stated that previously tried to challenge the rate is very small, set ANRE, but without success.

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