Moldova : Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF) approved 19 projects for financing

Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF) approved 19 projects for financing the energy efficiency in the public sector. Amount is estimated at about 44 million MDL ( aprox 2.1 milions euro ) of which 25% will be covered by the beneficiaries.

Funding will receive preschool, pre-university education, culture and health from Chisinau, Nisporeni, Criuleni, Făleşti, Calarasi, Dubosari, Glodeni, Ialoveni, Aneni Noi and Gagauzia.

"Implementation of these projects is very important for us, because it allows not only the energy efficiency of various public buildings, optimizing their maintenance costs, and create optimal conditions for research, treatment, education for citizens of different categories. In particular, children studying in these schools, gymnasiums or treated at medical institutions, "said Deputy Economics Minister Mr. Valeriu Triboi.

According FEE last year was approved for funding 85 projects of this kind, and Fund's contribution is 80% of project costs.

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First day at Ambient Construct & Instal 2015

XXIV edition of fair  AMBIENT CONSTRUCT & INSTAL will brings together strong companie with years of experience in construction and installation. Will attend 54 companies how will exhibiting on a total area of ​​2300 sqm developed inside of the Exhibition hall and 200 square meters outdoors. Poland will be present through official Stand of Polish Embassy in Bucharest. In this edition are exhibitors from Romania, Italy, Germany and Hungary.

Among the companies present at the event we can remember: Afriso Euro Index, Altinstal, Bencomp, Caminetti , HEXADOME, Hop GbR, Kronheat Industries, M Install, Ratio Term, Robcon, Sanu, Solar Focus, Technic, Technical Darkaffe, Timi Instal, Voith Hydro etc.

At the same time with the exhibition will be workshops :
1. Energies Regeneabile and Comfort Residential - on 25
2. Energy versus conventional heat pump
Lecturer Ing-Florinel MIHAILOV diplomat

1. Competence able AREL - SONEL
Lightning between utility and necessity AREL - HERMI February 26
2. Autonomous photovoltaic systems on February 27
3. Hybrid PV systems current solution for residential, industrial and remote areas in February 28
Lecturer Eng. Dipl. Faur John vice AREL

Location: Transylvania EXPO Exhibition Complex, str. Aurel Vlaicu FN Cluj-Napoca, Romania

February 25 to 27, 2015 hours: 10.00 - 18.00
February 28, 2015 hours: 10.00 - 16.00

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Zayed Future Energy Prize 2015

Zayed Future Energy Prize launched by the Government of the United Arab Emirates in 2008 in order to identify individuals to large corporations and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), nonprofit organizations and high schools that can be recognized for their contribution to a sustainable environment, which contributed significantly in two areas: renewable energy and sustainability for 2015, the seventh edition, schools category was awarded to "Petru Rares" College from Piatra Neamt, Romania.

His students make a project to reduce energy consumption by turning the old building of the "Petru Rares" College in to a building with systems to reduce classical energy consumption and use local natural resources. 100000 USD worth of prizes will be used for implementation of the project.

Prizes were awarded to the following categories:
- Large Corporations (an award of recognition);
- Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) - $ 1.5 million;
- Non-profit organizations (NGO) - $ 1.5 million;
- Lifetime Achievement $ 500,000;
- Category schools - by $ 100,000 / school for each of the five continents: Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

For information and terms & conditions, or other details about the competition, visit the website:

From 20 January to 22 June 2015 is open for registration  the VII-th session
of the Zayed Prize for Future Energy, which will take place in 2016.

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Delegates of CISOLAR 2015 Conference and Exhibition will visit PV plant, hybryd electricity plant and solar modules plant

The delegates of CISOLAR 2015 Conference and Exhibition will visit on April 17th the pv plant in Saruhani (not far from Baku), which installed capacity is 2,8 MW. Now, pv plant sell electricity to the green on special increased tariff.

One more pv plant offered to visit during the ‘solar tour’ program is a hybryd electricity plant in Gobustan district and was historically the first in its kind in Azerbaijan (the government wants to have at least 50 MW of such middle-scale plants until 2020).

The tour also includes visiting of Azguntex, the production of solar modules and LED bulbs.

For more info about CISOLAR 2015 Conference and Exhibition from Azerbaijan visit :

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Enel Romania temporally suspended the sale of assets

The sale of assets of Enel Romania has been temporarily suspended, says the press office of the Enel Group. In July last year, Enel announced that its board has agreed on a plan to sell its assets in Slovakia (energy production) and in Romania (sales and distribution).

Sales will involve a 66% stake in Slovenské elektrárne in Slovakia, 64.4% of Enel Distribution Muntenia and Enel Energie Muntenia, 51% in Enel Distribution Banat, Enel Distribution Dobrogea and Enel Energie and 100% of Enel Romania.

source : Rompres

Fourth Edition EURO-Building, scheduled for May 18, 2015

Interest in the topics presented at the Third International Conference on Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency EURO-Construction (held in May 2014 in the Atlas Room Radisson Blu Hotel - Bucharest) was great, bringing together more than 300 audience specialists in the business.

As a result of this reality, publications Agenda Building and a new window will organize special event, scheduled on May 18, 2015, in Bucharest. In the note already established, symposia edition next year will run in parallel with the International Conference on Systems Joinery and EURO-window pane (seventh edition).

Thus, for the fourth consecutive year since this formula is developed, both events will be again a success both in terms of decision-makers of the most important companies in the construction, plumbing, carpentry and in related fields (meetings with officials from academia, designers, architects, etc.) and in terms of accuracy and timeliness of the topics to be addressed and integrated into the concept of sustainability and energy efficiency. Both events program (currently being developed) will be built to meet the demands of communication specialists in construction and related sectors, again the emphasis will be on building sustainable development initiatives and energy efficiency ensembles performing carpentry.

The event will be held, further, numerous national and international partners, including institutional. The fourth edition of the EURO-2015 Construction aims to bring together representatives of architects, contractors, manufacturers of building materials, energy auditors and, not least, officials of central and local authorities. During the event, in a festive, awards gala will be held EURO-Construction (second edition) and on this occasion the most significant companies active in the market will be handed out awards (trophies and awards for excellence) to promote development durable. These awards represent parts of the entire sector, thus highlighting the achievements of companies in the construction of energy efficient / sustainable.

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Belgrade - A second edition RENEXPO® Western Balkans will soon open its doors for the entire region

Between 22 to 23 April 2015, European experts in renewable energy and energy efficiency will meet again in the biggest energy platforms in the region. Thanks to the new energy law recently introduced in Serbia, new opportunities, which will be discussed in detail during the two-day event in Belgrade.

Over 200 projects available will be presented at the Investors RENEXPO®-Business-Lounge, where experts will participate in finance, network security, project development and interpretation services.

Patron of the event and this year the Ministry of Energy of Serbia and the German Embassy in Belgrade. Together with our partners GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) for energy efficiency and biomass and biogas will be organized workshops and PPP projects.

RENEXPO® the opening ceremony, April 22, 2015, 9:00 attended by representatives of: Ministry of Energy of Serbia, GIZ, a number of embassies, chambers of commerce, delegations from 3 countries, banks, associations, universities and many others. The opening ceremony will be followed by a press conference and a VIP tour of the fair.

In the 2-day event is expected approximately 3,000 specialized visitors, 80 international exhibitors and 300 participants at the workshop.

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Ambient Construct & Instal Cluj 2015, Romania

Transilvania EXPO, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cluj make during the period 25 to 28 February 2015, the most important fair in Romania specializes in construction and installation, AMBIENT CONSTRUCT & INSTAL. Brought together in a single exhibition materials, ideas and services for construction, renovation and interior home decoration.

Brand names  AMBIENT CONSTRUCT INSTAL is recognized by professional visitors. Annually, these exhibitions bring together exhibitors from home and abroad, firms that confirm the value of the technical level and quality of products / services exposed and promotes beneficial business contacts.

Manifestations addresses both specialists, construction companies and traders, as well as the general public.

Exhibitors come with modern and economical solutions for construction and installation for both residential and commercial and industrial areas. These include the latest technologies and building materials, a wide range of sanitary ware, tools, paints, electrical goods, furniture and interior decoration.

Theme Ambient Construct

- Architecture and building design
- Consulting and Software Construction
- Materials, insulation and flags
- Acoperisuri, Roofing, decking
- Systems of facades
- Cladding facades, paints, plasters, thermo
- Joinery and glazing
- Adhesives, sealants, assembly parts
- Exterior, utilities
- Equipment, machinery, tools and equipment, construction
- Elements of structure and materials for industrial buildings
- Structures, infrastructures, raw materials
- Professional Associations, invatamantsi of teacher
- Construction Insurance
- Financing Solutions for Construction

Ambient Instal 

- Systems and equipment for heating and air conditioning
- Solar panels
- Thermal based biomass pellets
- Professional installation tool
- Sanitary and bathroom furniture
- Swimming pools and equipment
- Pumping equipment for water treatment, automation, valves
- Geothermal heat pumps, drilling equipment and accessories

Why attend Ambient Ambient Instal Construct and 2015?

• You will benefit from the opportunity to highlight the products, technologies and projects that your company is developing in the field;
• You will meet local authorities, potential clients and industry partners;
• During the four days of the fair will be organized demonstrations and presentations of products and solutions for construction and especially amenajari.dedicate trade visitors
• The event will be promoted through TV and radio spots, press articles written by expert, online campaigns, outdoor, through its website.

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KIC InnoEnergy announces new call for innovative cleantech project proposals

KIC InnoEnergy, the European company for innovation, education and business creation in sustainable energy, has announced today the launch of a new call for proposals for innovative cleantech lab ideas, as part of their ambitious support programme dedicated to boosting sustainable innovations in Europe. KIC InnoEnergy’s objective is to offer comprehensive support to public and private researchers to enhance the effectiveness and speed of the go-to-market process of their projects.

Created in 2010, KIC InnoEnergy has become the new heavyweight of cleantech innovation in Europe. It adopts a partnership approach specifically geared at developing ideas from the lab in order to launch them into markets as viable commercial products. This EU-backed organisation provides successful applicants with a unique opportunity to remove the usual barriers to innovation by giving access to the right business partners, cutting-edge business development support, financing and IP protection, as well as finding the first customers and facilitating European energy markets entry.

KIC InnoEnergy is one of the first three Knowledge and Innovation Communities (together with ICT Labs and Climate KIC) created under the leadership of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. It is a commercial company with 27 shareholders who are all key players in the energy field coming from top ranked industries, research institutions and universities of eight EU countries. This public-private organisation can draw on a huge investment portfolio of €400 million per year to ensure that cleantech innovation in Europe benefits from adequate development support mechanisms.

Diego Pavia, CEO of KIC InnoEnergy, commented: “KIC InnoEnergy and its collaborators have the genuine potential to reduce the wide gap that currently exists in Europe between research and innovation on one side, and the market on the other side.  One of the key factors in restoring Europe’s competitiveness internationally is to increase the effectiveness and the speed with which we take our ideas from the lab to the market.  Thanks to better collaboration, sound processes and proper financing, we will continue to significantly boost European innovation and competitiveness.”

Besides this EU-focussed call for innovation projects, KIC InnoEnergy is also involved in MAGHRENOV, a separate initiative aiming to establish a common Euro-Mediterranean sustainable energy innovation space including North African countries. Together with the Institut de Recherche en Energie Solaire et Energies Nouvelles (IRESEN), a Moroccan organisation dedicated to applied R&D in renewable energy, they have recently launched a joint call for projects on Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency, specifically targeting Euro-Moroccan consortia.

For more information please visit the call for projects website at  , or KIC InnoEnergy’s main website


Interest in PV in Poland

Recently, a survey was conducted in Polish society, in the name of RWE about the perception of production of electricity through photovoltaic panels.

21% admitted that he would be willing to invest in solar panels worth approx. 10 000 zł, especially if the value of the investments would recover in five years. Similarly, 21% of the respondents were opposed to investing in such devices and 50% of respondents indicated that they are not interested in such investment, 8% of respondents could not answer this question.

46% interested to investing in solar panels having income between 2501 and 4000 zł net (about 450-900 euro) per household per month. Another 21% of potential customers earn net income from 1501 to 2500 zł per family.

Most likely to buy solar panels as a person under 29 years old (23%). Less interest in such an investment is the age range 30-39 years (21%) and over 60 (21%). The other potential investors in solar panels are part of the age group 40-49 years (18%) and 50-59 years (17%).

81% of potential investors in solar panels expresses the tendency to invest through the lease, if it would cost about 1000 zł per year and if it has reduced by more than 1,000 zł electricity bills per year.

Investing in solar panels could be considered for people living in rural areas (51%) in villages of up to 20 000 people (15%) and in cities of over 200,000 inhabitants (15%).

59% of respondents expressed an interest to buy solar panels if you live in a detached house and 41% live in condominum.

Omnibus Survey was conducted by TNS Poland in 2014 on a representative sample of 1,000 Poles over 15 years.

Source: RWE Poland


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