RENEXPO®BiH 2015 offers the perfect occasion to show foreign experts and visitors as well as to the Bosnian experts and public the achievements of energy efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far. Deutsche Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit GmBH (GIZ) / German International Cooperation is therefore organizing together with the main partners from government, institutions and private sector three events in the course of RENEXPO®:

1. House of Energy Efficiency as part of the fair and exhibition;
2. Energy Efficiency Conferences as a side programme of the fair (2 days);
3. Building Typology Exhibition as a side programme organized by GIZ in cooperation with four faculties from Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

Advantage for this year’s exhibitors of the RENEXPO®BiH 2015 fair is specially organized guided tour through fair ground with thematic topic focus on insulation, heating/cooling, building typology, public lighting and lighting in buildings, government policy implementation, etc. on the second day of the fair.

Topics 2015: 
* Energy efficiency: meet the Bosnian architects and engineers in B2B meetings
* Exhibition: Energy Efficiency Building Typology
* House of Energy Efficiency
* Energy Efficiency Conference
* Training for architects and engineers
* Bosnian Biomass Cogeneration Expert-Exchange
* Geothermal Municipality Day
* Small Hydropower Expert Exchange - Expert Teams from Montenegro, Serbia, BiH and Croatia
* Climate Diplomacy - 2 Day program
* Exhibitor evening reception
* Investors Business Lounge - more than 100 available projects and concessions are presented to exhibitors and investors (Wind Power, Hydro Power, Photovoltaic, Biomass, Geothermal, Biogas, Energy Efficiency, Lighting / Street Lighting)

The RENERGY AWARD in three categories - Outstanding Personality, Outstanding Technology and international Performance in Bosnia and Herzegovina will close the ceremony, which is followed by a VIP cocktail and trade fair tour.

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Renewable energy in Romania

A study publish by Coface shows that Romania has made considerable progress in terms of the share of renewable in final energy consumption at the national level.

"In 2013, according to Eurostat, it increased to 24%, 50% more than the level recorded 10 years ago, being above average for the EU (29) and 15% respectively. However, Romania is far behind countries such as Sweden or Norway, only registering a share of over 50%, "says Coface.

Local production of wind power stations in the period January-August 2015 was 4728.8 mln. KWh, increasing by 1783.0 mln. KWh compared to the same period last year, and photovoltaic solar energy produced in the mentioned period was 1510.2 mln. kWh, up by 536.7 mil. KWh compared to the corresponding period of 2014.

Frimu Ghinea

Ingeteam hits 30 GW installed wind capacity milestone

Ingeteam, an independent supplier of electrical conversion equipment, has announced today that it reached the milestone of 30 gigawatts (GW) of installed wind power capacity worldwide. The company hit this important mark after the commissioning of power converters accounting for 2 GW of installed capacity during the first semester of 2015, a 17% increase over the previous year. In total, Ingeteam has installed 20,757 power converters globally.

This increase was mainly accomplished by its leadership position in two of the world’s largest emerging wind energy markets, namely Brazil and India. Ingeteam has strategically targeted these two regions, which became the company’s core growth engines over the last few years.

Ingeteam opened its Brazilian subsidiary Ingeteam Ltda. in 1999 and started producing wind power converters in 2011 at its manufacturing facility in Sao Paulo. Since then, the company has supplied 1.5 GW wind energy capacity to this market. This accounts for more than 20% of all installed wind power capacity in the country.

Over the past year, Ingeteam has significantly expanded its Brazilian facility to 5,000 m² and created up to 125 jobs for the local production of wind power converters, increasing its maximum annual production capacity to 3.8 GW. Additionally, all power converters manufactured at its facility comply with the local content requirements established by Brazil’s national development bank BNDES in order to gain Finame accreditation.

In India, established since 2012, Ingeteam has reached a clear leadership position. The company ended 2014 with more than 20% of all installed wind power capacity in the country. To date, about 8% of all wind power capacity in India has been commissioned by Ingeteam.

According to GWEC, Brazil was the world’s 4th largest market with nearly 2.5 GW installed last year, and moved into 10th place in the global cumulative rankings. India is the second largest wind market in Asia and added 2,315 MW of new wind power in 2014, up 34% from 2013. India’s cumulative installations reached 22.5 GW at the end of December 2014, keeping the Indian wind power market firmly in the top five rankings globally. Both, the Brazilian and Indian markets are expected to have grown substantially in 2015 and this positive trend of growth is expected to continue in the coming years.

Appropriations for increased energy efficiency in Ukraine

According to Sergei Savchuk  after the release of the energy efficiency program was granted 44,767 loans worth 743.7 million hryvnia. Only in October 19 was granted loans worth 10 million hryvnia. Tis have recovered 84 condominiums in various regions of the country. The program aims to reduce spending on energy cost of using fossil fuels or Russian gas.

Frimu Ghinea

ExpoEnergiE 2015

The fifth edition of ExpoEnergiE will take place within Hall C1 at Romexpo Exhibition Centre, between 14th and 17th of October 2015, in the same period with TIB Bucharest International Technical fair and INVENTIKA – Invention and innovation show.

ExpoEnergiE is an event dedicated to the energy market and the oil and gas industry, representing a networking platform for professionals in the field. ExpoEnergiE focuses on promoting the potential of these two industries, in order to attract investors.

The event gathers under the same roof the most important players in the market that will exhibit the latest products and technologies, offering to visitors the opportunity to be informed on the novelties of this market, to purchase products and services or to negotiate directly with suppliers. ExpoEnergiE is addressed to producers and distributors of conventional energy, renewable energy, technologies and equipment for oil and gas industry.

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Romanian Energy Efficiency Forum 2015

The Romanian Energy Efficiency Forum 2015 is a perfect networking platform that will create new ventures and investment opportunities in the area of sustainable and energy efficient program development in a crucial moment for the implementation of the 2012/27/EU Directive to Energy Efficiency.

The Forum speakers will provide the latest information to help your company adapt and comply to the Directive requirements - it will also involve you in the debate that shapes the future directions of Romania's energy markets and energy services development.

The oportunities and challenges of implementing energy efficiency programs as the next step in Romania’s energy strategy will be debated in the largest conference dedicated to this sector in Romania, the Romanian Energy Efficiency Forum 2015, organised by the Romanian Association for Promoting Energy Efficiency and GOVNET Conferences.


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Renewable Energy Career Forum

The Renewable Energy Career Forum will take place to support students, graduates and young professionals who are looking for a job in the energy sector or just want to learn and inform themselves about certain projects presented by representatives from important companies in the area or on the opportunity to participate on different programs or trainings to help them to have a successful career in the energy sector.

For students, graduates and young professionals: 
A good planning to become active in this sector is the key to a successful career. Participants will be able to attend the presentation of study plans of faculties in the field, interact with various companies in the energy sector and discuss with their representatives. The event will be a unique opportunity for them to get in contact with managers and key persons from the industry and find out the opportunities to participate to different trainings and what are the requirements and specific jobs that companies offer them and for which they can apply in the future.

For energy companies:
The participating companies will have the opportunity to present their activity and recruit interested personall. They will be able to present their vacancies and explain with details the requirements needed to occupy this jobs.

The forum is a connection point between these parties and its target is to guide young people to a successful career in the field, supporting the development of the participating companies and the education system in this sector.

Location: Palace Hall in Bucharest, Romania
Language: Romanian

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7th International Conference - Solar Energy in Romania

After several years of growth and innovation, the PV Industry is facing another challenging period, with shifting market dynamics from large scale projects to small and medium systems.  The Law on Renewable Energy Sources adopted in June 2015 provides opportunities for the development of photovoltaics in Romania.

Legislation (mainly law 122/2015) on regulated tariffs for small renewable players (feed-in tariff) opens new opportunities for small projects, including PV and could enter into force latest October 2015. The support scheme will be approved for projects less than 500 KW. Regulation tariffs should come into force October 2015.

All these aspects, such as procedures for the various stages of PV systems investment process, and the introduction of  a quality mark for installation companies, will be among the topics discussed  during the 7th International Conference - Solar Energy in Romania. Thanks to active participation, the conference participants will be able to take part in creating and promoting good practices connected to the PV systems installation.

09:30 Registration & Welcome coffee
10:00 Welcome Greetings
Johann-Georg RÖHM, CEO REECO GmbH International, Germany
10:15 Opening Session
Key notes on the local market
Ciprian GOLDEANU, President of Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association, Romania

Session I: The Future of Photovoltaics in Romania

European Union Policy towards Renewable Energy
Pierre DECHAMPS, European Commission*

Prospects for photovoltaics in Romania 2020
Zoltan NAGY-BEGE, ANRE, Romania

Status of the legislation process on amendaments to the Law of Renewable Energy
Anca BUJOR, Adviser to the Ministry of Energy, Romania*

Trade Fair Guided Tour

Networking Lunch
Session II: Support of PV development in Romania

Connecting the PV installation to the grid-legal and technical aspects
Ioan FAUR, Vice president of Romanian Electricians Association-AREL, Romania

The current legal, administrative procedures and permits

European Funds and Photovoltaics

Connection of PV systems from the point of view of distribution system operator

Session III: Towards the sustainable growth of the PV market in Romania

Certification of installers for PV systems
Florin MIHAILOV, Romanian Electricians Association-AREL, Romania

Experience of PV installers when coming connecting to the grid
Ioan FAUR, Vice president of Romanian Electricians Association-AREL, Romania

Microinstallation Certification Program
Online monitoring of small and medium installations
Future solar storage systems

16:45  Questions and Conclusions
17:00  End of the conference

Ioan FAUR, Vice president of Romanian Electricians Association-AREL, Romania

Palace Hall in Bucharest
Ion Campineanu Street, No.28, District 1, Bucharest

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2nd International Workshop - Energy Efficiency in Heat and Power Generation

Cogeneration is the simultaneous production, in one process, of thermal, electric and / or mechanic energy. The production of high efficient cogeneration achieves primary energy savings of at least 10% compared with the reference values for the separate production of electric and thermal energy.

Since 2009, to support high efficiency cogeneration process, a support scheme has been introduced in Romania that involves a bonus offered for each MWh of electric energy delivered in network. For getting benefits from the support scheme, producers of electric and thermal energy in high efficient cogeneration, have to ask the National Authority Regulation (ANRE). Manufacturers can benefit from this scheme until 2023, for a period not exceeding 11 consecutive years.

Producers of electric and thermal energy in cogeneration, from renewable energy sources are able to choose either this scheme, either a support scheme for the promotion of the electric energy produced from renewable energy sources. The two schemes can not be combined (According

Econet Romania will organise in collaboration with REECO, international trade fair and conference organiser for renewable energy all over Europe the 2nd International Workshop - Energy Efficiency in Heat and Power Generation, on the 19th of November 2015, at the Palace Hall in Bucharest. The workshop will focus on cogeneration in the energy and industry sector, offering information about the most important subjects as well as giving best practice examples.


Palace Hall in Bucharest
Ion Campineanu Street, No.28, District 1, Bucharest

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1st International Energy Efficiency Summit

The premiere of the 1st International Energy Efficiency Summit for the Industrial and Building Sector in Romania, will take place as part of the RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE and it is supported by the ANRE - Regulatory Authority for Energy.

09:00 Registration and welcome coffee

Session I:
Can energy efficiency revive investments in the energy sector?

Cristina Trefaș, Expert in energy, Editor in chief, INVESTENERGY

09:30 Opening of the Summit/Welcome greetings
Johann-Georg RÖHM, CEO REECO GmbH International, Germany

09:35 Key message/Share the vision
Bogdan Nicolae BADEA - State Secretary, Ministry of Energy, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises and the Business Environment

09:45 Plea for energy efficiency markets
Corneliu RĂDULESCU, General Manager ANRE

10:05 Panel discussion

Why is the role of energy efficiency markets that significant and what are the proper tools to organize it?
Corneliu RĂDULESCU, General Manager ANRE

Energy services, market leader in software
Automation, market leader hardware
Financing: Sustainable Energy Finance Facility

Energy efficiency: potentials in the industry and commercial sector
Elena POPESCU, General Manager within the Department of Energy

11:00 Opening Ceremony of RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE

11:15 RENERGY AWARD 2015

Guided tour:
- Residential sector
- Public sector
- Industrial sector
- Cogeneration

12:45 Networking Lunch

Session II:
'Building' energy efficiency in buildings: what are the perspectives, expectations, solutions and novelties

Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration (MDRAP), responsible for implementing energy efficiency programmes and measures in the building sector*

14:00 Effective tools for greener homes and buildings in Romania
Ph.D. Monica ARDELEANU,Director of Development and Policy - Romania Green Building Council*

Energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources for the heat supply in existing buildings
Cătălin DRAGOSTIN, President ESCOROM, Romania

Energy performance contracting in transition
Bogdan POTLOGIA, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Agency "Ae3R Ploiești-Prahova, Romania

Increasing Energy Efficiency in residential buildings in ESCO system
Vlad STANCIU, General Manager ROSENC, Romania

Building refurbishment for a sustainable living: owners of flats, housing associations
Renovation of existing properties (best practices)

Session III:
Energy efficiency in industry:
Energy related services in the industry sector: a cross field where quality, innovation and competition meet

16:00 Energy efficiency drive for increased competitiveness
Energy efficiency management - a key role to generate innovation and achieve savings?
Energy management: the perfect interaction of all energy components
Cross-sector thinking: concrete energy efficiency implementation (best practice)

Session IV:
Public sector: house-district-city of the future: from innovation to winners

17:00 ANERGO - The first Regional Energy Observatory in Romania, an essential support tool for Local Authorities in sustainable planning
Florin ANDRONESCU, General Manager ALEA - Local Energy Agency, Alba, Romania

Energy management systems Smart City

Eco-cities: smart and efficient urbanisation
Installing energy-efficient lighting system (best practice)

18:00 Conclusions and end of the conference

Location: Palace Hall in Bucharest
Ion Campineanu Street, No. 28, District 1, Bucharest

Language: Romanian / English

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