Romania: Government give money for Green House program

"Green House Program " on the installation of heating systems using renewable energy, including replacing or supplementing traditional heating systems for individuals, started in 2011. This program was allocated 44.5 million lei ( 9.8 million euro) to finance contracts in force and 94.7 million lei ( 21.04 million euro ) for new contracts. The amounts allocated for this year is estimated that about 15,500 individuals will receive funding. For comparison, in the period 2011 - 2015, about 25,000 individuals have received funding through this program.

"Green House" is complemented by "Casa Verde Plus" ( Green House Plus) for which they were allocated 45 million lei ( 10 million euro), which will be financed from environmentally friendly materials, green roof systems, systems for efficient use of resources and others.

The "Integrated water supply, sewerage, sewage treatment plants" in which there is ongoing contracts until 2018. For this program were allocated 275.5 million lei ( 61.2 million euro) this year for payments under contracts existing.

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Romtherm 2016 Bucharest, Romania

The 21st edition of Romtherm, International exhibition for installation, heating, cooling and air conditioning equipment, will take place between 07th and 10th of APRIL 2016, within Romexpo Exhibition Centre, Bucharest, in the same period with CONSTRUCT EXPO, AMBIENT EXPO, MOBILA EXPO, ROMENVIROTEC, EXPO FLOWERS & GARDEN, ANTIQUE MARKET and TRADITIONAL PRODUCTS FAIR.

ROMTHERM represents the ideal platform for presenting the products and services and also for faciltating direct meetings between consultants, contractors and end users from retail, public, commercial or industrial sector.

Retrospective 2015

The 8 simultaneous events gathered more than 420 exhibiting companies from 22 countries, on an area of 15.000 square meters. During those four days, 21,420 people visited the fairs Construct Expo, Ambient Expo, Romtherm, Mobila Expo, Antique Market, Expo Flowers & Garden, Easter Fair Romexpo and Traditional Products Fair.

The international exhibition for machinery, equipment for heating, cooling and air conditioning – Romtherm 2015 registered an increase of 9% compared with 2014 exhibition surface.

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Fourth International Conference on Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency EURO-Construction

Interest in the topics presented at the Fourth International Conference on Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency EURO-Construction (held in May 2015 in Atlas Hall of Radisson Blu Hotel - Bucharest) was great, the audience bringing together more than 360 specialists in the business. As a result of this reality, publications and Window Manufacturing Agenda will hold a new specialized event, scheduled for 24 May 2016 in Bucharest.

In the note already consecrated, symposiums next year's edition will run in parallel with the International Conference on Systems Joinery and EURO-pane window (eighth edition). Thus, for the fifth consecutive year since unfolds in this formula, both events will be again a success both in terms of decision-makers of the most important companies in the sector of construction, plumbing, insulating windows and in related fields (meetings with officials from academia, designers, architects etc.) and in terms of accuracy and timeliness of the topics to be addressed and integrated into the concept of sustainability and energy efficiency.

The program of both events (currently under development) will be built to meet the demands of communication specialists in construction and related sectors, once the focus will be placed on initiatives for developing sustainable buildings and energy efficiency joiner performing ensembles. The event will be held, further, numerous national and international partners, including institutional. The fifth edition of EURO-2016 Construction aims to bring together representatives of architects, contractors, manufacturers of building materials, energy auditors and, not least, officials of central and local authorities.

During the event, in a festive, will take place awards gala EURO-Construction (third edition) and on this occasion the most significant companies active on the market will be handed out awards (trophies and awards for excellence) to promote development sustainable. These awards represent milestones of the entire sector, thus highlighting the achievements of companies in the construction of energy efficient / sustainable.

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Warsaw Build exhibition 2016

Launched in 2013, Warsaw Build is an annual building and interiors exhibition in Warsaw, Poland and is the only exhibition in the mazovian region which gathers international exhibitors and visitors from all over the world.

Warsaw Build is the key specialised building and construction exhibition in Poland, showcasing the latest products from building materials and equipment, hardware and tools, construction materials and heavy machinery. Among others, the exhibition will welcome representatives from architectural firms, designers, owners of factories, engineers and investors.

New EU requirements state, that by 2020 each new building in Poland is to be energy efficient. This is providing ample opportunities for international companies looking to invest.

16-18 of November 2016 in Warsaw, Poland.

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Moldenergy 2016

Moldenergy – unique in the Republic of Moldova exhibition project, where the key themes are energetic, thermal and power-technical equipment, as well as power-saving technologies.

Official support of the exhibition – Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova .

In conditions, when 98% out of power resources consumable by the Republic are imported, when acting generating capacities are able to produce not more than 32% of power energy out of real necessities of the country. Electrical-technical branch has been placed far from the dominate position in the economy of the Republic, but the exhibition greatly contributed to forming of power and electrical-technical market of the Republic of Moldova .

Moldenergy has become an accelerator, which stimulates the country’s energetic objects reequipping by the latest equipment and contributes to application of power-saving technologies in the branch.

The Specialized Exhibition means:

- for foreign producers and distributors of electric equipment: optimal opportunity for market studying, as well as for business transacting on the matter of supplying of technique.

-for Moldovan specialists: a perfect venue for meetings with foreign business partners, establishing of new contracts, exchange of scientific-technical achievements in the field of power-saving.

As to the poll held 90% visitors were specialists of enterprises, dealing with servicing of power stations and nets, leading specialist of industrial enterprises, electrical installation works and project organizations.


March 18, Wednesday
10:00 – 18:00 Exhibition opening hours.
Venue: central pavilion, pavilions no.2, no. 3, outdoor exhibition area

11:00 - Official opening of International specialized exhibitions MOLDCONSTRUCT and MOLDENERGY

12:00 – 13:00 - Seminar: MoREEFF Programme – energy efficiency profitable for both companies and beneficiaries. Organizer: Moreeff Program. Venue: conference room, central pavilion

13 :15 – 14:15 - Seminar: Financing Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Projects with Loans and Grants from EBRD. Organizer: Moseff Project. Venue: conference room, central pavilion.

14:25 – 16:25 - Seminar: A century of experience in a rchitectural solutions. Organizer: Plastal S.R.L. Venue: conference room, central pavilion.

16:35 – 18:05 - Seminar: Modern solutions in the arrangement of shower space. Organizer: Omtek S.R.L.Venue: conference room, central pavilion.

March 19, Thursday
10:00 – 18:00 - Exhibition opening hours.
Venue: central pavilion, pavilions no.2, no. 3, outdoor exhibition area

10 : 00 – 12:00 - Seminar: Priorities in construction and regional development.Organizer: Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of the Republic of Moldova. Venue: conference room, central pavilion.

11:00 – 12:00 - Seminar: Performance and application of a new generation of additives. Organizer: Atai S.R.L. Venue : conference room, administrative building.

12:15 – 14:15 - Seminar: Energy-saving technologies in air conditioning systems from the company. Organizer: Di & Trade Engineering S.R.L. Venue: sala de conferinţe, pavilionul central.

14:30 – 15:30 - Seminar: Comparative study of heating systems:- Dry ceramic Radiator, - Livingstone Radiator, - Command and programming of radiators.Organizer: El – CO S.R.L. Venue: conference room, central pavilion.

15:45– 17:30 - Seminar: Presentation "Technologies of the 3rd millennium" by the Association of Plumbing Engineers in Moldova and the company Postmodern SRL.Organizers: Postmodern S.R.L . and Association of Plumbing Engineers in Moldova. Venue: conference room, central pavilion.

March 20, Friday
10:00 – 18:00 - Exhibition opening hours.
Venue: central pavilion, pavilions no.2, no. 3, outdoor exhibition area

10:00 – 11:00 - Seminar: New trends in engineering and technologies for construction, road building and utility companies. Organizers: Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of the Republic of Moldova , Auto – Prezent S.R.L. Venue: conference room, central pavilion.

11:15 – 13:15 - Seminar: Energy. Organizer: "Camera di Commercio e Industria Moldo - Italiana" S.A. Venue: conference room, central pavilion.

13:30 – 14:45 - International Conference Chisinau 2015. Organizer: .Venue: conference room, central pavilion.

15:00-18:00 - Seminar: Presentation of new products in reinforced concrete on the Moldovan market. Organizer : Carcom International S.R.L. Venue: conference room, central pavilion.

March 21, Saturday
10:00 – 16:00 - Exhibition opening hours.
Venue: central pavilion, pavilions no.2, no. 3, outdoor exhibition area

10:00 – 11:00 - Seminar: Smart solutions for integration of distributed generation sources.Organizer: Institute of Energy. Venue: conference room, central pavilion.

Moldenergy is to be held simultaneously with Moldconstruct, the largest exhibition project in the field of construction in the Republic of Moldova .

Take part in the 20th International Specialized Exhibition Moldenergy between 16 -19 of March 2016.

Venue: IEC MOLDEXPO, central pavilion, pavilions no.2, no. 3, outdoor exhibition area.
Organizer: International Exhibition Centre MOLDEXPO JSC
Co-organizers: Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Moldova Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of the Republic of Moldova.

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Learn how to seamlessly visualize PV performance & diagnose issues

Join Locus Energy for a complimentary webinar Thursday, March 10 at 2:00 PM ET. The presentation will provide an overview of Locus Energy's new Charting Tool, which helps PV market stakeholders quickly view system data and diagnose issues by utilizing the tool's improved functionality. The webinar will highlight both uses cases and a live demo to provide a complete picture of how it can be used to reduce the complexity associated with assessing PV system performance.

Be sure to stay tuned until the end of the webinar for a live Q&A session.

Topics to be covered in this webinar:
- New and improved functionality
- Bookmarking capabilities
- Data selection
- Upgraded alerts overlay
- Use cases that demonstrate how to quickly view system data and diagnose issues, including:
- Optimizing charts for troubleshooting
- Plotting modeled and expected data

If the scheduled time of the live webinar does not work for you, please register now to receive the recording and slides following the presentation.


Fronius International GmbH - Silver Sponsor of the RoEnergy South-East Europe, Romania 19 - 21 October 2016 Trade Fair in Timisoara

For 6 years onwards the most important Renewable Energy Trade Fair from Romania, RoEnergySouth-East Europe, the No.1  Meeting Point of the RES industry in Romania, Trade Fair profiled exclusively on renewable energy and energy efficiency, returns in Timisoara, the Capital of  the West part, with the V- th edition, in 19 - 20 - 21 October 2016.

Big New Market fom 2016 in Romania

The fee for depositing waste to landfill will be 80 lei ( 17, 72  euros ) per ton starting from 01.01.2016 and 120 lei ( 26,58 euros ) per ton starting from 01.01.2017. Basically, those who pay are factories, farmers, cities and anyone who doesn’t have a solution for waste management that they produce, according to European Directive 2008/98 / EC.

From here results that will follow a huge investments boom in transforming units of waste into energy, in order to turn a cost into revenue.

Oportunities and Targets RoEnergy 2016

RoEnergy#SOLAR: systems up to 0.5 MW, PV parks maintenance, energy storage, energy infrastructure
RoEnergy#BIOMASS: systems up to 0.5 MW, waste energy, cogeneration, wood industry, etc.
RoEnergy#BIOGAS: systems up to 0.5 MW, energy in farms, etc.
RoEnergy#WASTE2ENERGY: systems up to 0.5 MW, waste energy, heating solutions for cities, cogeneration, etc.
RoEnergy#HYDROPOWER: systems up to 0,5 MW, solutions for energy independence, refurbishments, etc.
RoEnergy#WINDPOWER: systems up to 0,5 MW, operation & maintenance for windpower parks, energy infrastructure, etc.

How to participate in 19 - 21 October 2016 at RoEnergy in Timisoara, West part of Romania?

Secure your stand now. Ask now a Non Binding Stand Price Offer
Ask about Sponsorship Package

Fonius International GmbH is the Silver Sponsor.

RoEnergy Trade Fair 2016 Themes:
Solar / PV, Thermal, Biogas, Biomass, Cogeneration, Hydropower, Wind, Geothermal, etc.
Primary Renewable Energy (Extraction, Processing, Transport)
Distributed and Renewable Energy (Heating and Cooling)
Innovative Energy Storage
Efficient and Intelligent Distribution of Electricity
Efficient Energy Usage
Research and Innovation in RES
For any other information please do not hesitate to contact us at:, +40.357.436.266

R.E.S. Group Team
9, Predeal Str.
Arad, Calea Aurel Vlaicu, 310377
Tel:, +40.357.436.266, +40.357.411.642


EBRD will allocate $24 million for a Georgian capacity

Kartli Wind Power, a subsidiary of the Georgian Energy Development Fund and Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation, will carry out the works in central Georgia’s Gori and Kareli municipalities.

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will cover 70 per cent of the total cost of the project in the form of a loan with the remaining 30 per cent paid by the Georgian Energy Development Fund.According to the agreement, the bank will allocate $24 million to the project.

“We signed for the construction of the first wind power station in Gori in the beginning of 2016. This is a first in the Caucasus. Gori is one of the most attractive destinations in the world in terms of wind energy,” say EBRD regional director Bruno Balvanera at Georgian TV.

The designed capacity of Georgia’s first wind power plant Kartli is 20.7 MW and the generated electric energy amounts to 88 million kWh.

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