RENEXPO® Poland 2017 – the seventh edition of the largest trade fair in Poland devoted to renewable sources of energy is approaching

For several years, the International Trade Fair for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency is the place where trade specialists meet, exchange experience and present novelties related to renewable sources of energy. This year will be the same. The seventh edition of the RENEXPO® Poland 2017 trade fair will be held between October 25 and 27 in the Warsaw EXPO XXI Center. The event is organized by REECO Poland.

The idea behind the trade fair is to present the offers of exhibitors to a specific and strictly specified target group. The RENEXPO® Poland trade fair is unique this aspect and it has a higher purpose. It is an international platform for meetings for experts in the field of renewable sources of energy and, at the same time, it shows the potential and the development opportunities of this market in our country. The organizers of the trade fair took care about an extensive substantive part which inspires discussions and search for innovative solutions. The three days of the trade fair are three days filled with international conferences, trade forums and congresses during which topics essential for the market of renewable sources of energy are discussed.

Every year the RENEXPO® Poland trade fair shows stronger and stronger arguments that the production, distribution and consumption of renewable energy is simple as well as profitable in a longer time perspective.


Ariston Thermo acquires in the USA the majority of HTP

Paolo Merloni with David Davis
Ariston Thermo, a worldwide leading group in the thermal comfort industry, acquired the 51% of HTP, a US company leader in innovative and high-efficiency solutions for water heating and heating.

With over 40 years of history and a well-established presence in the USA, HTP offers a range of high efficient products both for water heating, thanks to the production of electric,gas and solar water heaters and of cylinders, and for heating, with a full line of residential and commercial condensing boilers. The company enjoys a distinctive positioning in the North American market supported by a strong reputation in terms of quality and reliability of its products; its offer is very consistent with the one of Ariston Thermo and this will allow to gain significant synergies and to accelerate development over the next few years.

“With this new acquisition, Ariston Thermo continues its path of growth, reinforcing its presence in the North American market” explained Paolo Merloni, Executive Chairman of Ariston Thermo. “HTP means a strong brand, a wide range of innovative products coherent with Ariston Thermo’s offer and strategy, the presence of local production facilities and most of all the expertise of its management team, with whom we share the passion for the most
advanced technologies and the strategy to strive for high efficiency. This partnership will allow Ariston Thermo to accelerate its development path in a relevant market such as North America, complementing the successful acquisition of NTI one year ago. HTP and NTI will continue to act independently on the markets”.

Founded by Raymond B. Davis in 1974, the company was developed and successfully led for over thirty years by his son David, who will remain with HTP both as shareholder and as CEO, with the aim of accelerating the growth of the company leveraging on his management capabilities and market expertise and thanks to the partnership with Ariston Thermo Group. HTP is headquartered in New Bedford, in the Bristol County in Massachusetts, USA, where it employs 235 people and owns two production sites. In 2016, the company realized sales for 87 million US dollars (around 80 million Euros), representing one of the most dynamic realities in the industry with a significant growth rate of over 10% per annum in the last five years. With HTP, Ariston Thermo clearly reinforces its presence in the North American market, after the acquisition of the Canadian company NTI in August 2016. The two companies, given their product ranges and strengths, are strongly complementary.

Moldova: first kindergarten like passive house in Calarasi

The most energy-efficient public building in Moldova was inaugurated in 22 June in Calarasi town. DoReMicii kindergarten has been designed and built according to German energy efficiency standards with financial support and technical assistance from the Federal Republic of Germany, provided through the KfW Development Bank within the framework of the “Social Infrastructure and Energy Efficiency” Project, implemented by the Moldova Social Investment Fund.

With the total area of 1100 square meters, the institution will accommodate about 100 children and, the maintenance cost for lighting, heating and cooling will be the same as for a three-room apartment - about 2000-2500 lei per month.

All stages of this construction have been monitored by German engineers and specialists in energy efficiency. I hope that this will have a positive influence on the local authorities budget and that Calarasi town will have many tourists, who will be interested to get acquainted with this new pioneering attraction. Regarding construction costs amounting to 1.15 million euros, the Federal Republic of Germany has assumed more than 1 million euros, which are non-reimbursable. In the coming years, KfW will invest significant financial resources in several large-scale projects in Calarasi," Ulrike Knotz said.

The total amount of investment spent on construction of this institution according to the German standard of a passive house in Calaras town made EUR1,043,466 fully financed from grant provided by the German Development Bank (KfW). The contribution of Calarasi Town Hall was 600,000 lei (used for design and furniture procurement) and the contribution of the Energy Efficiency Fund was 908,800 lei (used for electronic equipment and kitchen equipment).

During the event, the German expert in energy efficiency and kindergarten architect, Ludwig Rongen, handed the certificate on the first passive house in the region to the MSIF Director. In addition, the mayor of Calarasitown,Nicolae Melnic, presented honorary diplomas to all those, who were directly involved in the process of taking decisions, and directly to those, who worked on the construction of the kindergarten.

The Regional Director for Ukraine and Moldova at KfW, Lutz Horn-Haacke: "I am very happy and honored to take part in this event. The kindergarten in Calarasi town is very special, because it is the first building built according to passive house standards, which means that it consumes less than 10% of the energy consumed by an ordinary building. Because such a building was built in Moldova for the first time, German experts closely monitored the construction process. As long as they are satisfied with the results, we are pleased as well and hope that this example will be replicated in other localities of the Republic of Moldova," Lutz Horn-Haacke said.

The site was inaugurated in April 2016,in the presence of Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Pavel Filip, and the German Ambassador to Moldova, Ulrike Knotz. Construction works were completed within the time limit, which was initially established together with German experts.

source: FISM


RENEXPO® INTERHYDRO Europe’s #1 Hub for Hydropower will concentrate more on Eastern Europe on November 29th and 30th 2017

The Eastern European Hydropower Forum will offer Eastern European
Associations and companies their own platform

Salzburg, June 9th, 2017: Hydropower plays an important role in many respects for our energy supply as well as for our economic and social sustainability. It provides base load power; it’s reliable and has been tested for decades as a CO2-free energy supply. On the 29th and 30th of
November, the RENEXPO® INTERHYDRO will take place for the 9th time in Salzburg, which will focus on the general conditions and current trends in hydropower, as well as economic efficiency and ecological aspects. This is Europe’s meeting point for hydropower and will again offer a unique platform for presentations, knowledge exchange, and sharing as well the opportunity to
create new contacts

The Eastern European Hydropower Forum will be new this year. Being on the border between
Eastern and Western Europe, this forum offers a platform for all associations and players from
Eastern and South Eastern Europe. REECO Austria GmbH is cooperating closely with local
associations and the Polish Hydrological Association is partner for the event. The aim of the
forum is to show a wide audience the developments happening in the hydropower industry in
Eastern and Southeastern Europe, to cultivate old contacts and establish new ones. Speakers
from various countries with report on the development of the hydropower sector in their countries,
show best practice examples, and their latest innovations. In addition, you can discuss common
tasks and challenges in order to further advance the hydropower field.

Further topics at RENEXPO INTERHYDRO® congress include economic viability, technical
innovations and current challenges in the industry as well as energy storage and water-ecological
compatible hydropower expansion. There is also the opportunity to take part in an excursion to
the hydroelectric power station Lehen. During the exhibitor forum “From theory to practical
application,“ exhibitors will present their products and services.

The first meeting will be held on Wednesday following the opening of the public energy talk
“Politic and economy in dialogue: hydropower and society.”

The RENEXPO® INTERHYDRO addresses those active in the hydropower, from trade and
industry, authorities and municipalities, politics and science, as well as universities and academic
institutions from all over Europe. The fact that the Czech Republic is a partner country and Africa
is a partner continent as well as the addition of the 1st Eastern European Hydropower Forum
demonstrates the further internationalization of the even. The European Hydropower Association
Meeting is also a very important event for the Congress Advisory Board (which is made up of
international members), and it will also take place this year.

Over 125 exhibitors, 500 congress attendees, and 2,500 visitors are expected. The sponsor of
the event is the Salzburg councilmen Dr. Josef Schwaiger.



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